When is the Best Time and Day to Send a Press Release? In The World of Media and PR, Timing is Everything!

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February 19, 2024

Selecting the right moment when distributing your press release through a PR wire service can significantly impact visibility and effectiveness. Our goal is to help you maximize the visibility when you send a press release in hopes of securing a media interview.

Tuesday is the most popular day of the week for several strategic reasons.

Firstly, Mondays are generally overwhelming for journalists and media professionals as they sift through several emails accumulated over the weekend. Many journalists may also mentally check out early on a Friday, further building up their workload.

This timing makes it easy for press releases sent on Mondays to get lost in the shuffle or be relegated to the bottom of the priority list. By Tuesday, the initial rush will have subsided, potentially allowing your press release to garner more attention. Moreover, sending a press release on Tuesday provides a strategic advantage in the weekly news cycle. It allows journalists sufficient time to consider and work with your news, possibly leading to mid to end-of-week coverage.

This timing ensures that your news can be developed, published, and disseminated before the weekend lull, capturing audiences when they are most engaged.

Additionally, Tuesdays are statistically less cluttered with competing news releases, making it more likely for yours to stand out. The reduced noise on Tuesdays means that journalists can afford more time and attention to each piece of news, increasing the chances of your press release being picked up and featured.

While the quality of your press release content is always paramount (particularly the headline), the timing of a press release can further play a critical role in its success. Opting for Tuesday to send out your press releases can enhance their visibility, engagement, and overall impact, making it a strategic choice for PR professionals. As professionals in the news release service industry, we do not recommend a Friday afternoon. We could not think of a worse time.