2024 Press Release Editorial Calendar

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March 01, 2024

In our last article about press release inspiration, we discussed the importance an editorial calendar can play in your press release distribution planning for the year.

Below are key dates of events that you can decide if your organization could tie into for a newsworthy press release.

Begin with defining your PR goals for the upcoming year. It is never too late to start.

What is your PR goal? Is it to increase brand awareness, SEO, or revenue? The content strategy you create should align with the objectives you set forth. Below are the months with significant events for each month. In several instances, you can click the link after the event to see what other individuals have written for a press release for a particular significant date.


9th – Consumer Electronics Show (CES) from the 9th – 12th. View (Consumer Electronics Show (CES) press releases)
15th – Emmy Awards
15th – Martin Luther King Jr. Day
18th – Sundance Film Festival

4th – World Cancer Day
4th – Grammy Awards View (Grammy Awards press releases)
10th – Chinese New Year
11th – Super Bowl View (Super Bowl press releases)
14th – Valentines Day View (Valentines Day press releases)
18th – Daytona 500
19th – Presidents Day

3rd – World Wildlife Day
SXSW – View (SXSW Press Releases)
18th – Global Recycling Day
23rd - Earth Day / Hour View( Earth Hour Press Releases)
31st – Easter (View Easter Press Releases)

1st – Easter Monday
8th – Masters Golf Tournament
14th – Boston Marathon
22nd – Earth DayView ( Earth Day press releases)

4th – Kentucky Derby
5th – Cinco De Mayo View( Cinco De Mayo press releases)
7th – Small Business Week
12th – Mothers Day View( Mothers Day press releases)
13th – PGA Championship
27th – Memorial Day

1st – Pride Month
5th - World Environment Day
11th – Climate Risk Summit Europe 2024
16th – Fathers Day
29th – Pride Day
29th – Tour de France

3rd – Wimbledon
4th – Independence Day View (Independence Day press releases)
24th – International Self-Care Day
25th – Comic-con 2024 View (Comic-Con press releases)
28th – World Nature Conservation Day

1st – Lollapalooza
12th – International Youth Day
19th – World Humanitarian Day
25th – Burning Man View (Burning Man press releases)
26th – U.S. Open Tennis Championship
28th – Paralympic Games

2nd – Labor Day
5th – International Day of Charity
10th – World Suicide Prevention Day
21st – World Peace Day
22nd – International Car Free Day

1st – Breast Cancer Awareness MonthView (Breast Cancer press releases)
6th – Mental Health Awareness Week
10th – World Mental Health Day
11th – Yom Kippur
31st – Halloween View (Halloween press releases)

1st – World Vegan Day
2nd – New York City Marathon
11th – Veterans Day View (Veterans Day press releases)
28th – Thanksgiving View (Thanksgiving press releases)
29th – Black Friday View (Black Friday press releases)
30th – Small Business Saturday

1st – World Aids Day
2nd – Cyber Monday
21st – Winter Solstice
25th Christmas Day
26th – Hanukkah
31st – New Year's Eve

Aligning your press release news to calendar events can significantly enhance the visibility and impact of your announcements. This strategic timing ensures that your news capitalizes on heightened public interest and media attention surrounding specific dates or events, such as holidays, industry-specific observances, or significant global events.

This approach can lead to increased media pickup and coverage, as journalists and media outlets often look for relevant stories that resonate with their audience. Additionally, it can create a more compelling narrative for your audience, making your message more relatable and engaging. By synchronizing your press releases with calendar events, you can improve the chances of your target audience's news being noticed, shared, and acted upon. From the examples above, 24-7 Press Release clients have celebrated success timing their press releases to events.