Should I use a Press Release Service? How can a Press Release Help My Business?

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March 11, 2024

In the rapid changing world of small business, achieving visibility is crucial for branding, growth and success.

Securing press coverage is an excellent way to elevate your brand's profile. This short informational will introduce you to the nuanced art of crafting, pitching, and disseminating press releases to enhance brand awareness and achieve optimal media visibility through press release distribution services.

Understanding Press Release Distribution

Using a press release distribution service like is a critical process whereby your press release is shared with various media outlets, including journalists, publishers, and media professionals. This document should encapsulate the latest developments within your company, be it new products or services, partnerships, or significant projects. It is designed to be shared or published by these recipients to broaden your reach and engage a wider audience. If you are unfamiliar with how to write a press release, you can check out our article "Writing a Press Release; Effectively Connecting With Your Audience and Keeping Them Updated Often".

The Imperative of Press Release Submission

A well-written and effectively distributed press release can catapult your brand into new markets and increase online visibility. Such exposure can come through various channels, including podcasts, blogs, radio and TV broadcasts, and print media. Without the strategic distribution of an online press release, your efforts may remain unnoticed by consumers, thus undermining the core objective of press release creation.

Notably, press releases play a pivotal role in brand recognition, with many businesses acknowledging enhanced visibility and some reporting higher website traffic post-release. The advantages of distributing press releases extend beyond mere visibility:

Increased Credibility:
When you use a news release service and a media member picks up your story and writes about what you are pitching, there is an element of credibility that is accepted because of the news source and the fact that an independent third party writes the story. Journalists are also known to have done their homework, which adds to their credibility.

SEO Enhancement:
In an era where search engines process over 8.5 billion searches daily, integrating SEO strategies within your marketing endeavors can position you favorably within your target audience's search queries. Press releases can serve as conduits for obtaining backlinks from authoritative websites, a significant factor in SEO ranking, as corroborated by prominent studies.

Boosting Local Traffic:
For brick-and-mortar establishments, press releases can be instrumental in increasing foot traffic, especially in a local community. Whether you're hosting an event or unveiling a special promotion, the post-release foot traffic can offer tangible insights into the efficacy of your press release.

Potential Sales Increase:
Are you launching a new product or an exclusive line? A well-targeted news release can generate buzz and distinguish you from competitors, potentially leading to increased sales, especially during peak shopping seasons.

Leveraging Press Release Distribution Services Press release distribution services present a viable solution for businesses tight on time or those seeking to streamline their outreach. These services provide the convenience of reaching relevant journalists and media outlets without manual intervention, optimizing your press release's reach and impact. 24-7PressRelease is excited to be recently mentioned in a similar article centered around press release distribution.

Conclusion Understanding the strategic deployment of press releases—through creation, pitching, and distribution—is essential for small businesses aiming to enhance their market presence and visibility.

By leveraging top press release distribution services, like 24-7PressRelease, you can ensure it reaches credible media outlets and resonates with your intended audience, contributing to your brand's growth and success. Check out this related article from Neil Patel on "An Effective 5-Step Approach to Getting Media Coverage".