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[Korea Contactless Technology] A Hyper-connected, 5G, Realistic Artificial Intelligence (AI) Art Education Platform

MUSIC+, an AI-based extended reality (XR) music tutoring service

    LOS ANGELES, CA, December 10, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Contact-free and social distancing are terms that have become much familiar in the aftermath of COVID-19. The latest technologies in areas close to our lives are also emerging in line with this trend. Artificial intelligence, big data, VR (virtual reality), and AR (augmented reality) provide us with new realistic content and enable us to lead a more advanced daily life through personalized program development or platform services. The Korean government is focusing on expanding contact-free services for our daily lives. Through this, it plans to prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19 and secure a leading position in the global contact-free service market in line with the era of digital transformation.

In the era of With Corona and Post-Corona, contact-free technologies and services are expected to grow rapidly. Accordingly, the National IT Industry Promotion Agency(NIPA) and Ministry of Science and ICT(MSIT) discovering and supporting leading contact-free services from life-to-face areas that people can feel to protect their daily lives and boost economic vitality from infectious diseases such as COVID-19. Among them, there is MUSIC+, a "hyper-connected, 5G, realistic artificial intelligence (AI) art education platform" developed by Emotionwave Co., Ltd. It is a multiplatform that allows users to easily and conveniently experience realistic singing, performance, ensemble, music education and evaluation in their daily lives.

Due to the emergence of COVID-19, non-face-to-face interactions have now become the New Normal; as such, the need for change in face-to-face education is also on the rise. The non-face-to-face lifestyle caused by COVID-19 has created a reality in which it is difficult for consumers to find quality music education services, while music majors have difficulty conducting lessons and finding students as a tutor as they are restricted by regional preferences. Emotionwave said, &The rise of the non-face-to-face era requires services that are independent of any location. There is also a growing need for national institutions to build and utilize educational data from their own internal clouds and establish music education app services as teaching platforms." To address this problem, they have developed an 'artificial intelligence-based extended reality music tutoring service'.

The core of the 'artificial intelligence-based extended reality music tutoring service,' developed to preemptively respond to the high demand for non-face-to-face services of existing face-to-face music educational institutions and national institutions, is the development of an education system that combines APP and WEB, tablet and kiosk touch interaction, and non-face-to-face realistic studio environment. This service will not only increase consumers' access to non-face-to-face music education, but this XR (extended reality)-based music class (virtual space) will also connect not only domestic but also global instructors and students to form a global network of convergence of music, leisure, and culture. The technology can also be used as a non-face-to-face K-pop training program for foreigners.

By building a hyper-connected, 5G, realistic artificial intelligence art education platform, Emotionwave has developed '5G AI Studio', 'non-face-to-face music education platform', and 'XR Music Class'. In '5G AI Studio', a non-face-to-face AI immersive live studio, an ultra-low-latency performance synchronization, and remote collaboration through 5G remote ensemble are available. In addition, the web/mobile-based 'non-face-to-face music education platform' includes individual practice functions such as storage of singing and performance practice, availability of non-face-to-face, remote lessons, as well as receiving of music content stored as a cloud service and sharing of videos created through a real-time recording service, among others. Lastly, "XR Music Class," a realistic virtual music class, remotely supports immersive realistic learning and evaluation by implementing a music learning environment in a virtual classroom environment, and supports music experience learning such as Opera Hall and Arts Center to watch Home-to-Concert realistic concerts.

The 172 trillion KRW spent on digital education in 2018 was only 2.5% of the total education sector, but as non-face-to-face education services increased significantly due to the global pandemic, the digital education market also grew rapidly. In 2025, the digital education market is expected to grow to 385 trillion KRW - 1.7 times increase compared to 2018. In addition, the AR/VR industry is expected to amass a market worth of 14 trillion KRW in 2025 as the industry expands explosively through the implementation of realistic education.

The music tutoring service industry continues to grow as edutech becomes active throughout the education industry. Although the size of the AI-based extended reality music tutoring service market cannot be estimated, the domestic music market is worth 2.7 trillion KRW, and the competition ratio for practical music departments is 300:1, and the average competition ratio for audition programs is 10,000:1. If the high level of interest in music is maintained, it can be seen as a field that is expected to grow rapidly in the future.

"Through the development of 'MUSIC+', a hyper-connected, 5G, realistic artificial intelligence (AI) art education platform, we have been able to build the world's first O2O-responsive, globally-connected art education platform." This platform service is collectively referred to as 'MUSIC+' by Emotionwave. "Currently, the demand for musical instrument production and distribution companies, entertainment educational institutions, large-scale overseas study institutions, and music and art education academies is continuously increasing. We launched the platform this year and are already expanding to global commercialization through strategic alliances such as MOUs. We plan to actively introduce the technology and platform to potential B2B and B2C consumers in the future," said Emotionwave. The company is also planning to enter China as an artificial intelligence art education platform.

Emotionwave Co., Ltd. is a specialized company that provides various IT solutions such as non-face-to-face artificial intelligence music education business and metaverse service, but on the other hand, they are also creating a new culture of technology where anyone can easily enjoy creative activities through artificial intelligence, 5G, robotics, and the metaverse.

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