All Press Releases for September 18, 2004

Directory Listings a Benefit for Online Retailers and Services.

Frustrated with your web site buried 30 pages into a search engine? Then join the millions of site owners who continually are frustrated with listing in search engines.

    New York, NY, September 18, 2004 --/ /-- Thank someone for directories like DMOZ and 24-7 Shopping Mall Directory. Both of these directories are human edited, and keep the user in mind. Although DMOZ is a free directory, sometimes, the wait period for your web site listing may be months! And even at that, you may not hear back as to why your site was not listed.

Although 24-7 Shopping Mall Directory ( does charge an annual minimal fee, if your site is not listed, you will find out why. Jackson at says ?We know and realize the frustrations of some free submission directories where you submit your web site and do not hear anything back. It leaves you not knowing how you can improve to become listed. This is why we tell our customers, if their submission is not listed, why it was not posted?.

After reading the lengthy submission guidelines which state they have the option not to refund a sites monies, if they are not listed, we have not actually seen or heard a case of this. Jackson says ?we simply like to try and keep everyone happy."

The directory offers more than just text listings. They also offer an array of advertising spaces for clients, including a prime 300x95 ad right on the front page. Jackson continues ?this type of ad space is great for just about any type of retailer. Although this ad space is currently occupied by an online lingerie store (Angelbodywear Lingerie,, we have had a number of people interested in this spot as it is prime real estate.? Iwasaki of Angelbodywear Lingerie comments ?we were contacted by the for this ad space. Although they are a newer directory, we found their site to be professional and easy to use.?.

Jackson?s web site includes shopping news, advertising news, coupons and even features a fine logo that changes, depending upon the time of day! ?We just wanted to mix things up a little. Although this is fairly simple to do, it just ads a touch that not many other sites offer,? said Jackson.

If you are one of the millions of people that are not satisfied with your listing within a search engine, then perhaps a directory, specific to an industry (shopping, retail and services), is the way to go!

24-7 Shopping Mall Directory is fee based directory catering to small to mid size companies looking for exposure in a directory at reasonable prices. 24-7 Shopping Mall Directory has been offering services since 2003 and is rapidly gaining exposure and popularity.

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