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PacRim Digital Media Group, "Digital Concierge" Advertising System Provides Maximum Exposure

PacRim Digital Media Group is a digital communications advertising company specializing is Digital advertising mediums.

    KIHEI, MAUI HI, June 21, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- PacRim Digital Media Group, Inc., has developed and Licensed the "Digital Concierge" dynamic information advertising system as the ultimate formula for successful target-market penetration - digital advertising. The system's integration of visual and print media gives advertisers an edge through a unique approach that combines creativity, experience, and technology.

"Business owners are concerned by money wasted on traditional advertising," Elsa Killeen, Vice President of PacRim Digital Media Group explained. "According to analysts, there is a seismic shift to newer forms of marketing. PacRim Digital Media Group emerges as a powerful alternative to traditional advertising, proving itself to be a highly targeted, cost-efficient and accountable medium."

PacRim Digital Media Group is a digital communications advertising company specializing is Digital advertising mediums. Tourist, Consumers and like can access promotional offers and advertisements at kiosks set up in high-traffic locations such as hotel lobbies, vacation condominiums lobbies, shopping malls, eateries, activity and attraction locations, restaurants, malls, movie theatres and festivals just to name a few of the applications.

The "Digital Concierge" Advertising Unit contains an interactive touch digital screen that plays a full-motion commercial combined with each advertiser's full color brochures; advertisers can also add coupons and other incentives. additionally users may pick up a wifi phone attached to the kisok to make inquires, make reservations with the advertisers. We will be able to extend its relationships with retailers and consumers beyond touch screens to create a more user-friendly environment with targeted coupons, sale flyers, etc.

PacRim Digital Media Group is offering consumers a unique opportunity to receive advertorial information and promotional offers based on retailers that are within their geographic proximity.

"Think about it. You've seen digital advertising in shopping malls, airports, retail stores, restaurants, casinos... well, just about everywhere" Killeen states. One of the most famous and earliest digital signage venues is Times Square in New York. Digital signage advertising is a medium that has been time tested and is here to stay.

Digital Concierge customers can promote up and coming events 24 hours a day to the passing public. There's no need for expensive static displays that don't have the same attraction as our advertising touch screens.

Digital Concierge kiosk information center is available at the touch of a finger! Take advantage of our interactive touch screens! It offers a 24/7 service to the public! Visitors can search a database of local accommodations, restaurants, points of interest, real-estate listings, activities, attractions and much more. Events display high-resolution brochure advisements or rich on demand video stream. Just at the touch of a fingertip!

Auxiliary screens and advertisements tied to the main "Digital Concierge" Unit are strategically placed throughout the location to attract customers and narrowcast messages, community information and trivia throughout the business day.

PacRim Digital Media Group, "Digital Concierge ", Promotions provides clients with consistent exposure. The system provides advertisers with a "two for one advantage" - to be seen and remembered.

"We recognize that clients have limited budgets and want maximum exposure for money spent," Killeen said. "This system provides affordable, consistent branding."

PacRim Digital Media Group "Digital Concierge" Promotions works with clients to create a program that combines a technology mix.

In addition to our Digital Concierge we are pleased to offer Free Wi-Fi Hotspots throughout the state. PacRim Digital Media Group is committed to unlocking the full potential of Wi-Fi to create a world in which people can connect and share digital entertainment and information wirelessly," said Elsa Killeen, vice president of Operations for PacRim Digital Media Group. "As Linux becomes increasingly more sophisticated, we view it as a critical technology that will help drive the proliferation of service-enabled devices."

Internet customers will have unlimited free access to the Wi-Fi service in all geographical locations.

"People want to stay connected to their world 24/7, and Wi-Fi hot spots, broadband and wireless make that mobility possible," said Elsa Killeen. "Laptops and smart-phones give us the online mobility we crave, and now thousands of PacRim Wi-Fi customers will get Internet access free from the comfort of their neighborhood retail stores, coffee shops, hotels, restaurants and other locations."

"This is what our customers have been waiting for -- free PacRim-quality Wi-Fi."

"The Digital Concierge Dynamic Advertising Unit is the star of our program, but is not the only service we provide," Killeen stated. "We offer a laundry list of cost-effective advertising and marketing solutions, including Wi-Fi, graphics design, video production, and infomercials."

PacRim Digital Media Group advertising costs just pennies per Advertiser and is attractive to local businesses owners. "Besides word of mouth, our Digital Concierge advertising has been the most cost- effective way to attain new business," Killeen, said.

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