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Action This Day: - An Instruction From Winston Churchill, Not Only A Great Leader But A World Class Delegator

Action this day was one of Winston's most demanding delegation techniques and one that he used frequently amid the unending strain of WW2. Whilst the free world was straining every sinew to defeat the Nazi's, Churchill always delegated effectively.

    SWINDON, ENGLAND, July 15, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Delegation is one of cornerstones of any business persons success, the ability to complete a task efficiently relies on effective delegation. If someone is asked to undertake a request they need to make sure they are effectively delegated too.
Poor delegation leads inefficient. business.

Having studied the 8000 pages of Churchill's memoirs including 1000 pages of memo's (in 6 point text), a pattern emerges of an incredibly efficient delegator. Churchill was always very specific about what he wanted. If he asked for ideas he would limit the response by defining how many pages he wanted in return. Rather than leave a person struggling were to find an answer he would tell them were to get the relevant information. He was the consummate delegator.

In my new book Churchill's Secret Skill's I take examples from his memoirs and describe his delegation techniques in detail, enabling a modern audience to learn from a master.

Author Background
Binden Shovel is the wrong side of 40, has a career as a manager in a big company in the UK. He is lucky enough to live with his wife and kids in a lovely part of the English countryside.
Shovel always had the idea to write a book if he could find a topic that would inspire him. He started listening to history books on his Ipod and Churchill's WW2 memoirs were mentioned. IBinden was out on a day trip with the family and happened upon a second hand book warehouse, the kids were looking for fishing his wife was looking for interiors books and he thought what should he look for. Then the idea of trying to track down Churchill's memoirs came to him. Binden managed to get all 6 original copies for $50.
He started reading them and was absorbed by the information and the writing. He noticed that every now and again Churchill would offer the reader some advice, by the fifth book Shovel was so impressed with how often this advice was relevant to his own business situation that he decided to write a book about it.

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Action this day was one of Winston\'s most demanding delegation techniques and one that he used frequently amid the unending strain of WW2