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Reviews for "Stock Shock-The Movie"

Activist documentary is racing up the red carpet toward indy awards.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, July 30, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- When director Sandra Mohr decided to find out why her family's 401(k) was looking more like a 201(k) she probably had no idea she would be exposed to the corrupt underworld of hedge funds, criminal market managers, and greedy legislators. So what's a director to do? Make a movie about it, of course.

She's in good company. Michael Moore, Oliver Stone and Ridley Scott are all working on films about stock market manipulation and Wall Street schemes. But Sandra Mohr's "Stock Shock" is first out of the gate. 

The movie exposes a technique known as naked short selling, which has resulted in the collapse of the stock value of some of America's most promising public companies. Sirius XM, often labeled as one of the most manipulated stocks in the market, is dissected in the movie. "Stock Shock" interviews individual investors who saw their stock price hit a high of $9.00/share and then plummet to a horrifying low of 5 cents in 2009.

Investors and fans of the movie claim "Stock Shock" has spurred a grassroots movement helping convince the SEC to enact and make permanent an emergency rule to ban abusive naked short-selling.

It's no wonder. The reviews are impressive:

"Shocking and eye-opening!" says Jane Velez-Mitchell, Issues on CNN Headline News.

"It's an awakening. Academy Award...Stock Shock should get one," says radio host Jim Puplava of the Financial Sense Newshour.

Industry expert and shareholder activist Bud Burrell remarks: "I will give it 10 stars of 10. It is the best doc of this length I have ever seen. I think this will go into the defining literature of this space."

"Stock Shock-The Movie" is available on DVD at and other online merchants.

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Buckle up and hold on to your wallet as we follow the wild ups and downs of the American stock market through the eyes of stunned Sirius XM investors.