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DNA Lab Center Takes Advantage Of Growing Demand For DNA Testing

DNA testing sites are now available nationwide thanks to DNA Lab Center. DNA Lab Center is in the leading provider of all types of DNA tests. Clients can get every type of DNA testing done by walking into one of the DNA Lab Centers close to where they live.

    NEW YORK, NY, August 28, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The nations leading provider of DNA testing, DNA Lab Center, started out in NYC serving the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, NYC, and Long Island Markets. Now they have just announced their expansion on a national level. This means DNA Lab Center's testing services will be available in every city within the US. The demand for DNA testing and paternity testing has been on the rise. Consequently, DNA Lab Center is taking advantage of the demand for their services with their vast network.

DNA Lab Center has an aggressive marketing firm that is managed by Kip Charles. As a result of his companies use of internet marketing, blogs, web development and SEO techniques, they have gone from a small local company to a company operating nationwide. DNA testing services are now available in every city where the need for DNA testing exists. This expansion lines up with the company's vision. The CEO of DNA Lab Center, Abraham Kapetas stated, "It was our vision to be able to provide the same quality, free consultation and customer service to every one of our clients whether in NYC, Houston or Los Angeles."

Getting the proof needed is our guarantee to our clients. Our paternity tests to exclude any man from being the father are 100 % accurate and our DNA tests to identify a man as the biological father are 90 % accurate.

DNA Lab Center offers every type of DNA test, not just paternity tests. Some of the other DNA tests that we offer are, inheritance or estate DNA tests, immigration DNA tests, in-vitro fertilization DNA tests, DNA testing for child custody and visitation cases, DNA testing for adopted children and DNA tests for child support cases.

One of our most well liked tests is the infidelity DNA test. All over the nation DNA Lab Center receives hundreds of requests for the infidelity DNA tests in a month. In order to conduct that infidelity DNA test, the client brings his or her partner's underwear to the lab. The garments are checked for bodily fluids or hair and used to prove infidelity. It is an inexpensive and accurate method used to prove infidelity.

Another popular DNA test is the immigration DNA test. DNA Lab Center is equipped to operate internationally by doing DNA tests in over 100 countries. Whether a client needs a DNA test done in Jamaica, Nigeria, India or Hong Kong. Clients can rest assured that DNA Lab Center will make the whole process a painless one. We take care of the DNA testing and homeland security paperwork.

You need not worry if you need DNA testing for legal reasons because our DNA tests are fully admissible in any US court. This is due to the fact that all our labs are AABB accredited so they must follow a chain of custody procedures. The samples go through the required types of individuals so that they can be verified. A photograph is taken of each person taking the DNA test. A neutral party observes the collection of the samples at a lab or hospital according to specifications. There are many DNA testing options available to fit every level of legality and situation. That applies no matter where you live.

People who are not knowledgeable about DNA testing are often concerned about how they are able to obtain the other party's DNA. That is not a problem because with the advance of today's DNA technology, DNA can be taken from so many different sources. Some examples of where DNA can be taken from are, spit, blood, cigarette butts, plucked hair, urine, semen, bloodstains, underwear, chewing gun, and used condoms.

In addition to the myriad of DNA tests available at DNA Lab Center sites, customers can enjoy FREE consultations. Potential clients can call and one of our trained representatives will be able to answer questions and handle situations that are sensitive in an appropriate manner. We offer the service that is unattainable by individuals who decide to purchase cheap tests that they can do at home. For matters as important as determining paternity, it is important to have quality. We are also confidential. With DNA Lab Center's strict confidentiality practices, you can rest easily knowing that whatever is said in our offices remains in the office.

No matter what your DNA testing needs may be, we at DNA Lab Center are here for you. Offering you choices, confidentiality, and reassurance that your needs are being met. So whether you need immigration DNA testing, paternity DNA tests, infidelity testing, or any other DNA test, call us today to find a DNA Lab Center site in your area at (800) 887-2048 or visit our website at or email us at [email protected]

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