All Press Releases for October 29, 2009

Color Copying Company Donates Two Palettes of Paper To Local School District

Managers believe budget-strapped schools will make better use of paper inventory not used on color copies.

    HUDSON, WI, October 29, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ --, the web's biggest supplier of discount color copies and printing, today donated two palettes of paper to the local school district in Hudson, Wisc.

The digital color printing company recently assessed its inventory and realized there was a substantial amount of certain paper types which were rarely being ordered for color copies and other printing products, such as AstroBright stocks and other specialty colored papers.

This is a win-win situation for Docucopies and the local K-12 school district, who, like most districts, are facing unprecedented budget cuts.

"We wanted to get rid of some of the paper people aren't ordering to clear up some room," says Jeff Corbo, the company's marketing director. "At the same time, we know public school districts across the nation are coming up short on their budgets. So we figured, why not give them some paper for free? We're not using it."

Not only is this a mutual benefit to the company and the school district, but it's also another way in which the company tries to stay "green." Putting unneeded paper to use is a better alternative to throwing it away or even recycling it.

Members of the school board could not have been happier. Docucopies hopes other printing businesses and office supply companies will follow their lead by giving what they can, and what they don't need, to help their budget-strapped local school districts.

"It's terrible that our children's educations are getting slighted because of the economy and government budgeting problems," Corbo continued. "We hope that this donation, though relatively small compared to gaping budget holes that still remain, will do at least a little to improve the quality of education kids in our area are receiving."

Act Locally, Think Globally

"Unfortunately there are probably other school districts within 100 miles of here who face even steeper cuts in their budgets," says Corbo. "And unfortunately we're not big enough to be able to do the same thing for all of them. But if a company of our size in every district in the state were to do the same, companies in other states might pay attention and realize what they could be doing to help, which could turn into a major movement."

Docucopies CEO David Pressley acknowledges this is not likely, but he firmly believes profitable businesses like Docucopies owe something to their communities, and he hopes other presidents and CEOs realize this.

"Unfortunately, we can't rely on the government for everything," he ceded. "But one thing we've always been able to count on in America is the philanthropy of those who have the power to make a difference."

Docucopies also has a permanent coupon code for schools, churches, and non-profits, which takes 5 percent off any order type.

For more information on how your business can help alleviate budget and supply concerns for your local schools, contact your local school district.

For more information on Docucopies and their color copying and printing services, visit

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