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New Book Release "Wannabe Partners In Crime"

A new novel published in 2006, second book published by author Marilyn Oakley. Authors accomplishments and a brief bio.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - REEDSBURG, WI, April 04, 2006 - Author pens novel, after having first poetry book published. Marilyn L Oakley has written a new novel, entitled "Wannabe Partners In Crime". Her first book, "Let Your Heart Soar" had been picked up by Publish America, and its first print was in 2004. Her new novel has just been made available (2006).

She has had several independent artists record her songs, such indie artists as Joey Pearson - a Star Search finalist, Steven M McLachlin of UK, Jaime Beaver, Eileen Balzano, Bill Scull Jr., Brandi Ward, and Dainel Jackson. She has even had songs held for major artists consideration. To even have a song considered for a major artist and held, is an honor for an independent songwriter.

She is an associate and webmaster of LucKi Entertainment, LLC., owned and operated by Kim Venturo and James Lucente.

Darlene Lieblich, a Hollywood producer, has recognized Ms. Oakley's talent as a songwriter, and hopes to one day utilize her talent in a future project.

She has music tracks signed with Kool Music for future projects in Film, TV and Media Production.

Ms. Oakley also designs her own knit/crochet apparel, as well as regular apparel and accessories, and her online store link can be found at her website, click the banner Mar's Wear. From babies to adult, summer to winter wear.

She had created a slideshow of actor Logan O'Brien and Joey Pearson singing a song written by Tony Pearson, Joey's father, and the slideshow may be viewed at, under the Media link.

Synopsis: Wannabe Partners in Crime - Marilyn Oakley
Ronni Hutton and Jessi Fulton have had enough. They decide that life has been less than fair to them and hasn't given them enough opportunities, so they are going to do something about it. Ronni and Jessi resolve to take charge of their own lives, their own destiny and to make their own opportunities even if the opportunities require them to become partners in crime.
Join Ronni Hutton and Jessi Fulton as they set out on an adventure of a lifetime, taking them across the country to such places as Las Vegas and even down to the Mexican border and witness how their newfound freedom causes their lives to intertwine with the lives of Samm Wyse and Carrie Gyze, two ambitious and determined detectives, bent on upholding the law and bringing the two girls to justice. Once you meet Ronni Hutton and Jessi Fulton, you'll never see life quite the same way again. And that's how they like it. That's the way things usually go when you are Wannabe Partners in Crime.

She also is a retailer at, where customers can purchase and download music and even open their own music stores. She will have the indie artists who have recorded her songs available soon at her music store.

Her songs, poetry and stories have entertained many throughout the world.

Her book is available for purchase at Publish America,,, and

Her website:

M Oakley
PO Box 541
Reedsburg WI 53959

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