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Michael Glock Ph.D. Philosopher, Visionary and Cultural Futurist Develops A New Social Science Method to Forecast the Future

Cultural Futuristics is a method of imagining the future using a psychoanalytic method that interrogates the depths within significant cultural events. The system is now in use by think Alchemy, The Future Intelligence Agency & Genius Stone Partners.

    MARINA DEL REY, CA, December 17, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Cultural Futuristics is a social science methodology developed by Michael Glock.

Cultural Futuristics is a new form of analysis which informs future studies and produces future histories - scenarios with soul in mind.


Freud and Jung understood that unconscious forces exist not only in the individual, but also in events and in the culture. Although the unconscious is, by definition, hidden, humanity can gain access to this seemingly mysterious aspect of the cultural psyche by studying its manifestations, including symbols, images, complexes, symptoms, dreams, and events. Cultural Futuristics is a critical action-oriented methodology. It has been developed to examine, analyze and forecast the future based upon the psychic interiority of numinous cultural events and significant business events. The resulting three scenarios are termed future history, these scenarios delivers the depth of depth psychology into futures studies and specifically scenario based planning.

Depth Psychology:

J. H. van den Berg (1983) asserted that humanity's unconscious psychological life is visible in specific historical manifestations and cultural events. Engaging with event as symptom (Freud); with cultural event as image, symbol, and dream (Jung); and with culture as symptom and dream (Romanyshyn) and through a polytheistic psychology (Hillman)--depth psychologists bring forth the unheard cry of the world's cultural soul - anima cultura mundi. By listening to event as though culture is undergoing psychoanalysis, this study reveals what has been exiled within events. Informed by the unconscious opposites, shadows, and projections within events, this approach can bring consciousness to culture and soul to scenario planning. Revealing how the cultural unconscious is forming the future, this methodology allows futurists to write scenarios with soul in mind, so that higher quality decisions can be made, possibly averting future tragedies.

Cultural futuristics is a phronetic social science method that allows the researcher to keenly identify reified material and observe shadow components, projections, cultural complexes and opposing forces that are in action in the psycho-cultural world. I have demonstrated how the researcher conducts an analysis and resulting unification via synthesis and articulated how van den Berg's historical psychology can be used to identify the psychic interiority that exists within significant and numinous cultural events.

This essay has attempted to fulfill its obligation by delivering a phronetically based social science methodology that explicitly informs and delivers the analytic depth of depth psychology into futures studies. This is the question with which this essay began with, however I wish to reemphasize the substantial limits and delimitations, vis-a -vis, the lack of gender balanced research foundation and my own clinical limitations. In addition a multi-disciplinary team would be most effective in conducting cultural futuristics research projects as well as a focus on many interrelated significant events is called for.

Cultural futuristics delivers a liberating methodology that mitigates the modern era's age of reason and failure of imagination inherent within existing methods that forecast and imagine future possibilities. A significant cultural event can now be understood as a symptom because it is a representation of cultural dysfunction.

Cultural futuristics I sincerely hope will impact the future because now, soul's voice can be included in the imaginative visions of tomorrow. Cultural futuristics re-injects urgent values based perspectives and debates about the role and impact of myths, symbols and the specific narratives that are induced by the affecting intensity of numinous cultural events. Moreover, cultural futuristics is, a psychologically appropriate analytical tool that addresses essential issues, such as, national identity, global cultural changes, geo politics, global climate change and political systems.

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