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Dr. Dean M. Toriumi, Facial Plastic Surgeon, Develops Advanced Techniques for Correction of the Cleft Lip Nasal Deformity

Dr. Dean Toriumi, a facial plastic surgeon at the University of Illinois at Chicago, is internationally recognized for his treatment of patients with cleft lip nasal deformities.

    MARINA DEL REY, CA, December 30, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Dr. Dean Toriumi has advanced care and outcomes by using structural cartilage grafting in patients with complex nasal deformities. Patients with cleft lip nasal deformities have asymmetric and deformed lower lateral tip cartilages. Correcting these deformities requires use of cartilage grafting to create a more symmetric tip contour, Toriumi says. "Without access to strong cartilage, the surgeon may have to use cartilage grafting materials or leave the nose with deficient structure and support."

Dr. Toriumi's extensive experience with rib (costal) cartilage grafting has enabled him to develop innovative surgical techniques to treat the cleft lip nasal deformity. His techniques involve unique grafting of the nasal tip cartilages to create a more symmetric nasal tip structure. Using these techniques he has been highly successful in repairing cleft lip nasal deformities, he says. Creating symmetry between the nasal tip and nostril is a preeminent goal in treating these patients.

One such patient, Julie, came with her parents to see Dr. Toriumi and requested that he correct her cleft lip nasal deformity. She'd had several previous surgeries that left her with a deviated nose, dorsal hump, nostril asymmetry, and scarring around the left nostril base, and had done extensive research to find a surgeon to repair the damage.

"My parents had been searching for a doctor since my last surgery almost five years ago," she said. "Throughout our search, Dr. Toriumi's name was seen on numerous websites and magazines. The more we saw his name, the more we wanted to know about him and his previous surgeries. After thorough research and a consultation, we decided that he was the right doctor for me. What finally made me decide to go with Dr. Toriumi was when I saw on his website that he performed a surgery on a patient with similar conditions to what I have."

During the consultation the details of the surgery were discussed at length, and all of the questions Julie and her parents had were addressed. "Overall, I was very satisfied. Not only were the assistants extremely hospitable, Dr. Toriumi was also very caring and genuine," Julie noted. "The consultation gave me high expectations, and, after the surgery and post-op care, I am glad to say that my expectations were met."

Julie also had a weak chin, so chin augmentation was also factored in to the surgery. Correction of the nasal deformity required harvesting rib cartilage through a 1.5 cm chest incision. Extensive cartilage grafting was performed on her nasal tip. Complex scar modification of her left nostril was performed to improve the nostril insertion on the left. Julie's upper lip was also treated to improve the deep cleft lip scar.

Postoperatively, Julie did well and healed without problems. Her swelling resolved relatively quickly, and her nasal breathing was improved after surgery. She has improved tip definition and tip projection postoperatively.

Most importantly, Julie is pleased with the results. "I am very happy with the outcome of my surgery. My nostrils are more symmetrical and my lip looks more even," she said. "I'm glad I followed through on this surgery with Dr. Toriumi."

To see photos and success stories of other patients Dr. Toriumi treated with cleft lip nasal deformity, please visit the section of his website that discusses cleft lip nasal deformities at

Dr. Dean Toriumi is a professor in the Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Department of Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is a Past President of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Toriumi has published four textbooks and more than 120 scientific articles, and has made more than 700 presentations on rhinoplasty and other topics related to facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Toriumi specializes in aesthetic and functional rhinoplasty and is one of the most experienced rhinoplasty surgeons in the world.

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