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Invisalign is Now an Orthodontic Treatment Option for Parents of Children with Special Needs and Autism in Peoria, Glendale, and Surpise in Phoenix AZ

Orthodontist Dr Randol Womack of Affiliated Orthodontics is a leading authority on the use of Invisalign as an alternative option to wearing braces for children facing challenges undergoing traditional orthodontic treatment.

    PHOENIX, AZ, February 05, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Affiliated Orthodontics, located in Peoria AZ in Phoenix, treats many kids with special needs. A common problem mentioned by parents is the lack of information available on orthodontic treatment options. It is difficult for them to make an informed decision when deciding if orthodontic treatment is the right choice for their child. Special needs kids are often challenged when dealing with traditional orthodontic appliances. Parents want straight teeth for their children, but are rightly concerned orthodontic treatment may not be an option their child can tolerate.

Dr. Randol Womack and Dr. Larry Davis of Affiliated Orthodontics, work closely with Dr. Richard Brenke, a pediatric dentist. Together they evaluate and treat many children with special needs. This includes children with autism, birth defects, and emotional challenges that deter patient cooperation. There are common obstacles normally encountered in successfully completing orthodontic treatment for these special children.

With an autistic child, the leading problem is the irritation of fixed braces bonded on the teeth due to sensory problems. Often an autistic child will pick at them or play with the braces causing the orthodontic brackets to come loose and break. This creates many additional repair appointments, inconvenience for the parents, and frustration for the orthodontist who is witnessing minimal positive results. In orthodontics, cooperation and following instructions is pivotal to the success of any orthodontic result.

Dr Randol Womack comments, "We have found the routine use of removable orthodontic appliances instead of fixed braces also has its issues with special needs children . Removable appliances do not cause the irritation of fixed braces but they do not work if they are not worn all the time." He also states, " Patients are requested to remove the appliances only for eating and brushing teeth. An autistic child has difficulty coping with the bulky, retainer-like, appliances on their teeth and resting on the palate. The appliances are constantly removed, lost, and a cause for irritation and discomfort. Again, if the appliances are not worn as prescribed, it leads to frustration for everyone concerned."

Dr Womack is a leading authority on the use of Invisalign as a treatment modality and travels worldwide as an instructor for Align technologies. "Recently, the application of a new Invisalign treatment option for children whose teeth have not fully erupted has achieved remarkable results with special needs children, especially the autistic child." He further states, "We presume that since the Invisalign aligners fit over the teeth much like a contact lens fits on the eye, once in place, it is comfortable and almost undetectable eliminating the need to pick and play with aligners due to irritation."

"Invisalign aligners are very similar to a very thin plastic "bleaching-tray" appliance and are well tolerated by special needs children when placed on their teeth. In fact, most of our autistic Invisalign patients become almost obsessive about wearing the aligners, which leads to excellent results," added Dr. Larry Davis.

Not all orthodontic problems for special needs children can be treated with Invisalign, but the technology has certainly opened opportunities for significant improvements with children that otherwise would remain an orthodontic challenge or go untreated. Dr. Womack further mentions, "Patients who can tolerate orthodontic treatment see a positive effect on dental health, dental function, speech, and not to be discounted, positive improvements in self-esteem."

If you have a special needs child who requires orthodontic treatment and you are concerned they will not respond well to traditional braces to straighten their teeth, consider Invisalign. Not all Invisalign treatment providers are familiar with how to use the appliance with special needs children, especially dentists without advanced orthodontic training which includes the development of teeth and growth of jaws associated with special needs children.

Orthodontists Dr Randol Womack and Dr Larry Davis have post graduate degrees in the field of orthodontics, above and beyond traditional general dental training. They are well versed in the treatment options available to achieve a successful result, whenever possible, in a special needs child. Affiliated Orthodontics is also the #1 Premier Elite Invisalign Treatment Providers in the State of Arizona for both Teens, Adults, and Special Needs Children.

Contact their office today at 623-572-8855 for a FREE new patient exam to determine if your special needs child or any member of your family is a candidate for Invisalign. Affiliated Orthodontics is conveniently located at 7505 W. Deer Valley Road, #120, Peoria, AZ providing quality orthodontic treatment for residents in the Glendale, Surprise, Scottsdale, and Phoenix, AZ area for over 30 years.


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A mother of a 7-year-old autistic child discusses their positive orthodontic experience with Invisalign, even though she was concerned treatment would be a problem.