All Press Releases for February 12, 2010

Do You Really Know How Much Accepting Credit Cards Cost You?

Most Business Owner's, have no idea of how much they are paying to accept credit cards from their customers. Credit card processing fees are a bitter sweet feeling with business owners, because more people are paying by checks, credit or debit cards.

    OAKDALE, LA, February 12, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Jay Sumlin a Sales Agent for North American Bancard is getting national attention for his new approach in helping Business Owners to promote their business, something that no other companies in the credit card processing industry is doing. Banks and credit card processing companies are paid each time a customer pays by credit card at the Business Owner expense.

Jay Sumlin a small business owner himself understands both the merchant and the credit card processing companies needs. North American Bancard is Head Quartered in Troy, Michigan headed by Marc Garner. North American Bancard processes over $8 Billions dollars a year for businesses. Credit Card Processing fees comes in all shapes, sizes and color. There is the processing fee as low as 1.09% and as high 4% per transaction, there is the monthly minimum which means that if you do not process a certain amount of credit cards or checks you are charged a monthly fee generally around $25.00 per month. Monthly minimums are somewhere between $300.00 to $500.00 requirements.

There are more fees such as monthly statement ranging from $5.00 to $20.00 you have batching fees and so many others which can become so confusing that you almost need a Economics or an Accountant Degree to make sense of it all. Mr.Sumlin is traveling a road that no one has gone before. North American Bancard offers free equipment, no set up fees and no annual fees. But Jay has added something more to program, Free Advertising for 90 days on their local radio stations, which has most business owners smiling.

Mr.Sumlin with his 24 years of experience in the banking and financing industry is also networking on his clients behalf with relationships he has formed with wholesalers and traders around the world. According to Jay Sumlin " I am doing today what should have been done years ago. I feel that business owners need to have someone that is more passionate about their business than a person being concerned about their own self interest."

If you go to a business owner can see how much they are being charged to accept credit cards. All credit cards cost a merchant different fees, for instance a debit card fee is cheaper than a customer paying by credit. The credit cards themselves have different fees to process example a customer paying with an American Express credit card cost a business owner more than customer paying with a Visa credit card. Mr.Sumlin also lend his time to help mentor to new business owners especially to minority own businesses rather it be Women owned or any ethnic group.

"Business Owner's need an outside partner sometimes," says Jay Sumlin. "I am that partner. I care for the merchant needs more than my own. I feel if I get paid from credit cards being processed at a business owner expense ,it make good business for me to help that business grow, after all it benefits me too. Why would a business owner pay someone for doing nothing? I think a smart business owner would not be upset about fees if they were getting something back in return."

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Why lease or buy credit card terminals when you can get it free? All credit card processing companies have mostly the same products and services until Jay Sumlin showed up and now making his peers take not. Either change to Mr.Sumlin's way or lose your clients to North American Bancard and Jay Sumlin.

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