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Streamline Automation Upgrades the Capabilities of the FROG3D Foam Carving System with Improvements to the FROGScan 3D Laser Scanner

Improvements to Streamline Automation's FROGScan 3D laser scanning system boost the speed and efficiency of the FROG3D foam carving system - a system that helps creative companies build themed environments, sculptures, props, exhibits and molds.

    CALGARY, AB, February 19, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The FROGScan 3D laser scanner is a key component of the FROG3D system, an automated 3D foam carving solution used by creative companies around the world to produce themed environments, props, sculptures, molds and a range of other artistic projects. In conjunction with FROGWare software, FROGScan gives users the ability to scan any 3D object and translate it into a machine-ready digital file. This file can then be machined with the FROGWire hot wire foam cutter or the FROGMill CNC foam router to create a perfect replica or enlargement of the scanned object in foam. Thanks to recent improvements to FROGWare , the process for going from scan to a machine-ready file is faster and the quality of the scanned file has drastically improved. These improvements not only put FROGScan in a class of its own, but they also improve the overall capabilities and efficiencies of the FROG3D foam cutting system as a whole, making it faster than ever to go from art to part.

At the heart of the FROGWare upgrades are improvements to the software's ability to digitally recreate an object using scan data. In the past, the software has provided a basic means of combining multiple scans into a complete 3D model, but for complex objects the process could sometimes be time consuming. A new FROGWare module called FROGFusion offers a simplified, automated means of combining multiple scans to create a completely watertight 3D model - regardless of how complicated the object. Users can take as many scans as required from multiple angles to ensure undercut details have been captured, and then let the software piece each scan together automatically to create a 3D model complete with high detail and undercuts.

These improvements offer a range of benefits:

Improved process efficiencies - By automatically combining scans and improving the index scanning process, less time is required to go from a scan to a usable digital file. This eliminates significant time from the overall production process - making an already efficient process even faster. Also, by reducing the number of undercuts in scanning, less skilled manual labour is required to finish the end product once it has been machined.

Improved capabilities - Thanks to higher quality 3D files and completely watertight meshes, it's possible to create higher quality machined pieces. Complete scans of an object can be sent to customers for approval prior to machining, and scan files can now be used directly for rapid prototyping technologies and other 3D applications, creating a range of new possibilities.

Artwork protection - Prior to this FROGWare upgrade, it was sometimes more efficient to break complex models into pieces so they could be scanned separately. With the simplified meshing process, combining multiple scans is no longer problematic, so valuable artwork does not have to be sacrificed for the sake of scanning. For complex projects with undercuts, the digital file can be portioned to accommodate for different methods of machining and assembly, creating a simplified process and a more accurate end result.

With these improvements, FROG3D further cements its position as the leading automated 3D foam carving system. Combining 3D CNC machines, including foam cutters and routers, with 3D laser scanning, hard coat spray application and various finishing capabilities, FROG3D lets companies from around the world unleash the power of their creativity.

For more information about these FROGWare upgrades or any component of the FROG3D foam carving system, visit or call Streamline Automation at 1-877-358-0555.

Streamline Automation helps creative businesses from around the world create stunning themed environments, concrete molds, architectural foam features, foam sculptures, foam props and exhibits - all with unmatched speed, detail and accuracy. Our clients not only get automated, end-to-end production processes, but they can also increase their production capabilities, boost their creative freedom and expand their businesses. Streamline Automation can also deliver the knowledge, skills and operational processes our clients need to grow their businesses around FROG3D - whether they are industry newcomers or seasoned veterans.

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