All Press Releases for February 28, 2010

Controversy Blooms Over the Latest Physique Enhancing Breakthrough

Discovery of Natural Myostatin Inhibitor Allows Professional Athletes and Celebrities to Defy Genetic Limits

    GREENWICH, CT, February 28, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- "My original intention was to simply find a substance that could naturally enhance lean muscle mass while ridding the body of excess fat." So says Carlon Colker, MD, FACN, author of a book called Extreme Muscle Enhancement and discoverer of MYO-T12 .

For the better part of the last decade Dr. Colker's research work has largely centered on the study of a substance in the body called "myostatin". Myostatin is a protein produced from our DNA that inhibits muscle growth and development. Animals and people that naturally lack myostatin are, as a result, stronger, more well-muscled, and have very little body fat when compared to those with higher levels of the protein. As a result, the pharmaceutical industry wasted no time in trying to come up with vaccines to block myostatin. The hope was that they could produce a drug to treat muscle wasting diseases like muscular dystrophy. For reasons not made public, these early attempts to produce such a drug that completely blocks myostatin have been largely abandoned.

Meanwhile all the time Colker was hard at work taking a different non-pharmaceutical approach that involved identifying and testing substances that naturally inhibit myostatin, rather than unnaturally blocking it. The result was a product called MYO-T12 . This substance is derived from the yolk sac of fertile eggs and comes without the dangers and drug testing violation problems brought on by the abuse of anabolic steroids, growth hormone, and other performance enhancing drugs.

According to Colker, "Our most recent published research study looked at healthy males ages 20-55 and found that their average baseline myostatin was 27.5pg/ml; 12-18 hours after only one serving of MYO-T12 average serum myostatin declined to 12.6pg/ml. That's a 46% drop. I was admittedly surprised it was so effective." Colker went on to point out that, "This was not a complete block either and after about 24 hours the myostatin level completely normalized. Keep in mind we are not talking about a prescription drug or vaccine here. It's completely natural and physiologic."

Others are not so convinced this is fair play. Though the purpose of enhancing athletic performance without the dangers and illegal abuse of performing enhancing drugs may be noble, creating a substance that allows you to, as they say, "Defy The Limits of Your Genetics" may not necessarily be seen as equitable to everyone. Colker doesn't view this as a problem. "Athletic enhancement can come in many forms. Better shoes, vitamins, specialized training equipment, etc. Are these seen as cheating? Hardly. Right now we have clear rules that define cheating. The problem is not MYO-T12. It's natural, originates from something in our food supply, and doesn't contain any performance enhancing drugs. To me and to any intelligent person who looks at it, it's most certainly not cheating. In fact, it's the opposite. It's sticking to the rules."

Of course it should come as no surprise that athletes aren't the only ones grabbing up the product. Though notably tight-lipped about it, Colker has a cadre of celebrity followers who swear by MYO-T12 and are more than happy to shell out the retail price (about $100 per month) because they can easily afford it. So it again begets the question from another angle, is this fair that celebrities have such easy access to the advantage of MYO-T12 simply because they can more easily afford it? Why should it be an elitist privilege? Shouldn't we all be allowed to "defy our genetics"?

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