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Corporate Colocation Builds "First Green Data Center in Downtown Los Angeles" Saves up to 70 Percent on Cooling Cost of Data Center

Corporate Colocation Announces it has Completed An Innovative "Green Data Center In Downtown Los Angeles" Using "Free Cooling" -Savings of up to 70 Percent on Cooling Electricity.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, March 04, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Computer Data Centers, the places that house the servers that provide internet movies, audio and content that we all use from Facebook to Google, are using up to 8% of all the electrical power in the United States.

Normally in a data centers about half the power is used for cooling and the other half is used to run IT equipment.

In many data centers it is much worse; some actually use more power to cool the servers than to run the servers.

If we could cut cooling costs, we could conserve energy, save money and cut the carbon footprint of these centers.

Data Center Cooling is normally performed by water cooled units, called "Crac Units." The units use water running through them to remove the heat from the room.

Compressors and chillers are often added for cooling. These are huge energy hogs-

Traditional data centers are enclosed spaces, so the hot air coming from the servers, often in excess of 90 degrees Fahrenheit is sucked back into the "Crac Unit," cooled to 65 or lower and then heated to 70 or so to remove humidity.

Corporate Colocation thought this was a terrible waste of money and energy.

So we designed a system, to takes the cool LA Air, (the average temp at night in LA Year Around is 70 degrees, and most days of the year it is around 70.)

Then we filter it, and use it to cool the data center.

At the same time, the hot air from the servers is ducted out from the hot aisles in the data center.

Presto, a cool data center only using fans!

If the day is too hot for "free cooling" the mechanical coolers take over, but in LA, this is not often.

And it works great, saves lots of money and power.

Engineers hired by Corporate Colocation calculate up to 70% saving on cooling costs for its data centers as compared to traditional cooling.

In addition, we anticipate over 2000 tons less C02 produced annually from the current installations.

In the long run, even considering the build out costs, Corporate Colocation Green Cooling will save energy, cut CO2 emissions and reduce the impact of energy cost to our clients.

This is green technology that works and works now, and the payback is about 1 year.

Corporate Colocation was founded by Jon Goodman, a decorated former Marine Sgt, who served in Iraq during hostilities in Anbar Province in 2004.

Jon invested is own money in this idea.

Corporate Colocation is a leader in Green Technology and committed to only building green data centers.

The current Suite is 3300 Sq Feet, with another 5600 sq foot Suite is currently under construction.

If you would like a tour or additional information , please contact Janice @ 323-357-2989. [email protected]


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