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Corporate Cartoon Character, "Jurdy" Is The New Undercover "Underboss " To Get Companies In Touch With Employees

March 2010/Cartoonist Jenifer Jurden and her character Jurdy launch Jurdy as the "cartoon underboss" for organizations to help keep management in touch with employees and their ideas for efficiencies and improvements.

    BISHOPVILLE, MD, March 29, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Jenifer Jurden who is also known as Chief Humor or "CHO" now offers a quick-witted, engaging Jurdy employee idea and feedback generation program about employee and customer satisfaction, process improvements, increasing revenue and minimizing risks that's got Corporate America grabbing Jurdy to help them combat the worst recession this Country has seen.

While some CEO's and executives are going undercover on the popular show "Undercover Boss", Jurden says her character Jurdy is the perfect spokes-being to help executives uncover opportunities everyday throughout the organization. A longtime corporate executive at MBNA and Bank of America, Jurden managed hundreds of people over the years in the corporate environment. As such, it became abundantly clear to her that the most effective way to get results is through increased employee morale and engagement... consistently.

Jurden states, "For me that meant pulling on the wit and wisdom of my alter-ego Jurdy to get inside their heads, determine their perceived challenges, and address them from a vantage point of compassionate comic relief through Jurdy. Humor opens the door for much needed, serious problem-solving. My experience is in line with all of the research out there that proves that employees who are engaged, motivated and happy are employees who create more customer satisfaction, more productivity and more profitability."

Jurden has seen firsthand the bottom-line benefits of motivated employees, particularly when it comes to improved processes and efficiencies. "Consider the power of a character who is the voice and face of the company. Not only do employees connect with the idea program, but they connect with the character which in turn strengthens their loyalty to the company. In essence, Jurdy does the work for the senior executives and helps employees find a renewed energy and objectivity that allows for continued exceptional performance".

Indeed, Jurden's undercover strategy is working. Through the help of Jurdy's idea program and employee communication strategies, a large financial institution headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware realized over $300,000 in cost saving ideas last year during the recession. Additionally, they won first place for Best in Business for large companies in Delaware and also enjoyed sky rocketing increases in their Gallup employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction scores.

Artfully combining imagery and comic relief into Jurdy's idea generation program, Jurden is helping companies uncover challenges at every level while improving performance through a more engaged workforce. By naturally and quickly shifting employees' focus from that of a struggling economy, lay-offs and overburdened workloads to increased happiness, morale, productivity and innovation, Jurdy raises the engagement of employees while simultaneously helping to raise productivity and efficiency ratings... while the company sits back and lets Jurdy do the work as their spokes-being.

Jurden says Jurdy's ready to go undercover with her program for any company who is ready to engage their workforce for improved business excellence. You may contact her at [email protected] or call 410-352-3308.

The company features a copyrighted and trademarked cartoon character named Jurdy who is the spokes-being for employees to communicate serious challenges we all face in the workplace. Through employee feedback generation programs, intranet messaging and internet cartoons, Jurdy offers compassion and understanding to employees of the corporate world at a time when morale and motivation are in recession. For more information, please contact Jenifer Jurden (creator of Jurdy) at 410-352-3308 or [email protected].


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