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Book Announcement: "Revolution, 51st Century," The Unveiling of Muslim Extremism, A Must Read For Concerned Americans!

Revolution, 51st Century critically examines what happens to life as we know it because of the appeasement of Muslim extremists and their cataclysmic nuclear attack on the US population centers.

    IRVINE, CA, June 08, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- With total transparency, "Revolution, 51st Century" challenges the administration's spin campaign that if we only engaged in dialogue with Muslim extremists, they would see they are just like us and everything would be OK. The novel challenges the administrations talking points that we merely need to take into account the just demands and grievances of the Muslim extremists. A clear read shows that the same naive beliefs of Jimmy Carter that set the stage for Khomeini and his gang of thugs, is being played again, but on a larger scale by this administration.

This novel dares to show ordinary Americans, in unvarnished terms, what happens when Muslim extremists unleash a nuclear fire storm on the United States. It is a rejection of the policy of appeasement and the Chamberlain like mentality of the Obama administration. It is a wake up call to all Americans to be prepared for the worst case scenario.

The setting of the story is in the 51st Century following the cataclysmic nuclear attack of Muslim extremists on the US population centers.

Three hundred million Americans perished in the attack. Mass sterility and gene defects were the event of the day. The President ordered the Secretary of State to find a way to reconstitute the American way of life. She turned to gene splicing and genetic ladder engineering.

The total focus of the country was on survival at any price. Democratic institutions and the arts withered. Three thousand years following the Great War babies were no longer conceived in their mothers' wombs. Birthing was done in a lab, with gene splicing aimed at creating units to serve the interest of the Secretariat. Democratic institutions had long since ceased to exist. The life span was extended to 150 years. Men and women no longer married because procreation was also done in the lab, and children were raised in Kinder Hauses. Children who were deemed unfit were harvested for their organs and summarily dispatched.

On a routine training mission, Gaul an officer in the Combat Infantry Legion discovers the library. He is in shock when he reads the thoughts of Thomas Paine. He came to the realization that the Secretariat must be overthrown, accompanied by the restoration of democratic reform.

This is his story as he fights to gain what 21st Century Americans take for granted. It is a quest for justice in a cruel world that has little or no respect for the human condition.

Revolution, 51st Century is available from Rosedog Books, 701 Smithfield Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222. ISBN# 978-1-4349-9995-5. (1-800-834-1803)

Ross Gallen is a published author and free lance journalist.

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