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Stanley, Morgan & Associates in Anaheim, CA Achieves Highest Customer Support Reviews!

Stanley, Morgan & Associates in Anaheim CA garners appreciation with award-winning customer support!

    ANAHEIM, CA, June 08, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Stanley, Morgan & Associates, the Asset Recovery firm headquartered in Anaheim California has received praise from several news media outlets during routine customer service inspections.

In May of 2010, several media outlets were invited into the offices of Stanley, Morgan & Associates and were allowed to witness and report on the work of several staff members. The main area of focus: Stanley, Morgan & Associates' award-winning customer support. So did Stanley, Morgan & Associates live up to the hype? One reporter definitely thought so! "Its surreal watching the staff members at Stanley, Morgan at work!" a journalist weighed in. "You see these guys in action, and you realize they truly care about their clients and the situations they are presented with."

Stanley, Morgan & Associates is a full service Asset Recovery Firm with strong focus on its client support programs. Unlike other firms, Stanley, Morgan & Associates exercises a "clients appreciation" mentality with strong focus on customer relations and support. Marcia Ekstein, marketing director for Stanley, Morgan & Associates explains the direction she has taken the company. "It's the Stanley, Morgan Advantage" she says. "Our clients are most important. Without them we wouldn't be here! Upon placement of their accounts, we immediately open up the line of communication. Customers who place accounts receive a welcome package via electronic delivery or US Mail and are phoned with status every week! Statements go out every month and our phone lines are open all day for those who wish to call"

Reporters in attendance for the inspection were rather pleased with the sheer amount of staff members in the customer service department. "Its a nice change of pace," added one reporter. "Most agencies have employees who do several different job duties but not Stanley, Morgan & Associates. Their customer services reps focus only on customer service! I think its a great idea!"

It's a breath of fresh air the Asset Recovery industry so desperately needs, to have a firm that isn't so concerned with its own bottom line and genuinely wants to be the best.

Way to go Stanley, Morgan & Associates!

Stanley, Morgan & Associates continues to dominate in the customer service and consumer affairs department. Thank you for your continued interest in Stanley, Morgan & Associates. For further information, email [email protected].

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