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BizMe2 Introduces its White Label Publishing Platform

BizMe2, the online tradeshow and conference network, has taken its one-stop event platform site to a new level with the introduction of its White Label publishing and business management suite.

    TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, June 27, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- BizMe2, the online tradeshow and conference network, has taken its one-stop event platform site to a new level with the introduction of its White Label publishing and business management suite. The site, which launched in 2009, now enables conference and tradeshow organizers and exhibitors to set up accounts and easily create mini-sites for their specific events with a unique link at Each account can manage all of its events, as well as creating and editing content similar to remote-server blogging - all on the online conference tool and publishing platform.

"The more user-friendly our site is, and the more applications it can provide to its target audience, then the more valuable the site will be to our users," explains the Founder Yair Margolin. "With our new White Label platform organizers' and exhibitors' options have expanded exponentially."

The White Label platform now allows organizers and exhibitors to upload their event information, event media content and product offerings on their mini-sites. From there, it is a simple step to promoting their offerings on the Internet.

Next, the exhibitor platform enables users to provide booth tours and product demos directly to visitors, so they can see the latest news and products or read the most recent product announcements, without physically visiting the booth.

In addition, visitors who are unable to attend can watch real-time video demonstrations and news directly from the tradeshow, conference or exhibition. If a visitor is interested in a product or service being introduced at a show, it is no longer essential for that person to be present. Visitors and exhibitors can now collect all the information they want before, during and after the event.

With BizMe2's new White Label platform, any show participant can inform the shared community of any new developments via brochures, video and press releases on the community site. Companies can add their products, services and other information by simply posting it. Event participants can update their profiles according to their industry, business, hobbies and interests, and can comment on or recommend products, events, hotels and other related matters. Businesses operating near the event, such as hotels, bars, and restaurants, can also add their contact information to a site. This will allow them to attract out-of-town visitors who will be attending the event.

The content, which has been created by users and presenters, will be indexed later by the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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The BizMe2 platform enables your event to target a small community, while using other social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn to attract new exhibitors,organizers and attendees. It also enables your event/brand to be in the spotlight and keeps event participants engaged in the progress of a product or service between events. This means more and better opportunities for generating revenue.

And with strategic banner ad packages, it is easy and affordable for companies to advertise with their BizMe2 communities.

"This is an excellent way to create a new social media community around a specific brand or event," says Margolin. "Geography, travel costs and scheduling conflicts are no longer an issue. Relevant communities of buyers, sellers and industry experts who are all interested in the same thing, can join the community and participate at will."

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BizMe2 World is an online community and platform for tradeshow and conference goers. It is a centric site with an extensive suite of interactive features that allow tradeshow and conference visitors and exhibitors to share photos and video, chat, and share common information. Similar to other social networks, BizMe2 allows its members to create profile pages for their products, companies and tradeshow/conference booths including photos and videos. Approximately120M people attend the 50,000 tradeshows and conferences that are hosted around the world each year.

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