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Susan Anasuya Raglin, Founder of Stretch For Health, Outlines the Dynamics of Her Specialized Classes and the Release of The Art Of Yoga Therapy DVD.

Susan "Anasuya" Raglin, founder of Stretch For Health, sheds personal light on her technique within her specialized yoga classes as well as the dynamics behind her instruction for the "The Art Of Yoga Therapy with Anasuya" DVD.

    VAN NUYS, CA, July 15, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Susan "Anasuya" Raglin, founder of Stretch For Health, sheds personal light on her technique within her specialized yoga classes as well as the dynamics behind her instruction for the "The Art Of Yoga Therapy with Anasuya" DVD. The DVD is currently available on and a preview of the DVD is currently available on Anasuya's main website. The link to the preview and the main website can be found at

Yoga therapy is perfect for those who have just come out of physical therapy, illness, or surgery and are not exactly sure of what to do next. A majority of newcomers to Yoga find it is too hard and leave thinking they cannot complete their Yoga workout. Vini Yoga, however, is gentle enough for anyone! As awareness, strength and flexibility develop, confidence and self trust are sure to follow.

"In my own Yoga practice, I take time to go within and become aware of how I am feeling whether physically, mentally, or emotionally. I check for areas of stress, tension, injury/pain or lack of circulation and then I adapt my yoga practice accordingly. My goal is to help move into these areas gently and with awareness while also bringing the breath and prana (life force) and circulation into these areas. To strengthen weak areas, stretch tight areas, and create stability. I believe that Yoga is a union of body, breath and mind that aids in bringing us into the present moment and with that I'll share one of my thoughts that I routinely share in class which is, learn from the past - plan for the future - live in today," says Anasuya.

Going slowly and moving with awareness is key in the beginning. Simply put, less is more. Knowing your limits and not pushing beyond what's good for you is a discipline commonly overlooked. Your breath is your feedback system. If you are straining with the breath you are creating stress and tension in the body.

"Interestingly I had another love before Yoga. Dance has always been a great part of my creative life. I grew up back east in Boston and came out west as soon as I was old enough. I have studied many different dance forms, but I have probably adapted the Bharata Natyam, classical Indian dance, the most. When I do perform, when I have the time, I am a dance storyteller. As I tell my story I use Mudras, hand gestures, and body movements to tell the story. From injuries sustained in dance, however, I was intrigued to study Yoga and through the dance of life I am now a certified Yoga teacher/therapist. I keep teaching and doing Yoga so that I can maintain my passion which is to dance."

There are "special needs" for those of us who live with a chronic illness or pain and the recurring or cyclical aspects that mark it as "chronic". With Yoga we are able to identify all those areas affected and slowly develop a practice that works to meet our own needs, which in turn helps us to heal and recover more quickly," says Anasuya.

"I have been amazed to see the changes in my students. With a sustained effort over time, I have seen great changes and healing in those with severe injuries and/or conditions. Ultimately they have become pain free and excited about life again. My classes are easy, fun and full of laughter," says Anasuya.

Listed below are a few points of interest that are attributed from working out with the DVD.

- Learn to adapt poses for your specific needs.
- Easy to use. Easy sequencing.
- The DVD encompasses a therapeutic approach to Yoga. Learn how to create safety in your Yoga practice.
- Choose from the menu to create your own practice. Make it easy one day and harder the next.
- Repeat the workout section for a harder workout. Or just do the Witness practice and warm up for a gentle session. Or do the warm up and the cool down. Mix it up and have fun with it.
- Learn to listen to your body and what it needs.
- Develop strength, flexibility and stability.
- Reduce stress and tension and deeply relax.
- Increase circulation and oxygen intake with pranayama/breathing techniques.
- As with any exercise program, please consult with your physician, before starting.

For additional information or to request a copy of the "Art Of Yoga Therapy with Anasuya" volume 1 DVD, please provide credentials and contact Anasuya at 818.906.2194. You can also reach Anasuya by contacting the following email address: [email protected].

Disclaimer: The health and fitness information presented within or listed on associated websites and contained in the products offered herein are intended as an educational resource and not a substitute for proper medical advice. Please consult with your physician before performing any of the exercises, Yoga techniques or stretching techniques described on, herein or within the products presented.

Always discontinue any exercise, self-massage or stretching activity that causes you pain or severe discomfort and consult a medical expert immediately. The information contained within is not medical advice and as with any form of exercise, should you feel the need, please consult with your physician before engaging in any aforementioned programs, stretches or techniques.

STRETCH FOR HEALTH is headquartered in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Susan Raglin, Founder
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Susan "Anasuya" Raglin is a CERTIFIED L.M.U. YOGA Rx THERAPIST LEVEL 2. Ms. Raglin has completed her 500 hour registration with Yoga Alliance and is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and the Samata International Yoga Center. Ms. Raglin has been teaching Yoga for OVER 20 YEARS, working with such clients as Dreamworks, Esalen Retreat Center and was previously the Director of Yoga at the J. Paul Getty Center. She is currently teaching classes at Yoga Blend in Burbank, CA and maintains private sessions, either on location in clients' homes or in her private Stretch for Health Studio.

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