All Press Releases for July 19, 2006

YEH KAHAN AAGAYE HUM in Post production, one of the uniqe films this year from bollywood.

A classic bollywood film written produced,edited, starring & directed by K. RAJ SRIVASTAVA, produced by Amit Gill and Dinesh Kalia with the official website,

    /24-7PressRelease/ - July 19, 2006 - Yeh Kahan Aagaye hum is based on the budding romance of Rahul Jay Verma played by Kapil Raj and Neha Chopra played by Roopashree Jeevaji. Its not about extramarital affairs but about a struggling married women trying to find some sort of peace in her abused married life and a man lost in his own working world and trying to find a way out to search for love which hasn't shown up to his door steps for thirty years.

Arjun Chopra played by Amit Gill who's nothing but a businessman and has a heart made of money and rock, only cares for his needs and wants and expects only slavery from his wife Neha who came to US with him only six months before she met Rahul on a Hill station. Arjun is friends of friends from the outside but a twisted and criminal minded from the inside.

Arjun, Rahul and Neha form a friendship on their vacation which shows Rahul the real side of Neha and the world behind that beautiful and innocent face.
The film expands into three generation, where all of them are affected by a very small gift and devotion of love.

Anand Bakshi played by Ashish Wahi, whose very good friend with Neha and one of the biggest tycoons of Bakshi Ltd comes to help Neha and revive her love in time where no one could understand her. In the process the bond between Rahul and Neha becomes so strong, even when the force of evil cuts the rope and bond of love. Time now must reverse itself to fulfill the destiny of there love and passion for one & other and bring it together for ever.
Also playing a supporting role is Sonia Mari.

K. Raj Srivastava is also about to release his first Sci-Fi novel ZEON The message of Pascal on august 24th, the novel is about a 500 million year old computer found beneath the surface of Earth, and what was found in it is beyond comprehension.

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