All Press Releases for September 29, 2010 Launches Highly Predictive, Real-Time Interactive NFL / NCAA Probabilities, Picks and Power Ratings is officially launched, offering highly predictive, game probabilities, picks and power ratings for the NFL and NCAA Basketball Tournament. Sophisticated models are ran in real-time against NFL teams and games for precision ratings.

    NEW YORK, NY, September 29, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- GameLine360 has officially launched, offering highly predictive, real-time game probabilities, picks and power ratings, with emphasis on the NFL and NCAA Basketball Tournament. Multiple real-time models predict games at all angles and feed into consensus picks rated on a 1 to 5 scale. Based on historical data, NFL games with 3+ stars are 73% accurate straight-up and 60% likely versus the spread while weeks 11 through 14 have the best rates of 76% accuracy straight-up and 69% likely versus the spread. As for the NCAA Basketball Tournament, the 2010 GameLine360 opponent-adjusted bracket model predicted 41 games correct and Duke as national champions

Want to see the likely winner if New Orleans played the Jets in Super Bowl XLIV of the 2009 season? Or how about opponent-adjusted momentum ratings to help set your Fantasy Football lineup? GameLine360 offers free access to answer these questions and many more, including terms of use allowing 3rd parties to publish ratings and probabilities at no cost.

Want to see into the future? GameLine360 allows one to click ahead to future weeks and even predict a "what if" matchup between two teams of choice. "What if" matchups are available in any week of any season dating back to 1990.

Want an interactive view of the stadium and see what the game-time weather conditions will be like? Simply click on a game or team. And don't worry about missing out on any breaking news, a sports ticker at the bottom scrolls the latest headlines as you are enjoying the site.

Want to make some adjustments to our models or build your own model? GameLine360 has a comprehensive, intuitive model builder which allows for an assortment of settings, weights and games to go back. The trend analysis panel allows one to run a standard or custom model against a range of historical games going back to 1990 in order to view and tune accuracy.

Fantasy football team owners will enjoy the advantage of using opponent-adjusted momentum ratings to set their weekly lineups and pick up defenses. Momentum ratings, probabilities and total score predictions allow one to make a more informed decision on who to start or who to pull off waivers. For example, if ones running back has been struggling and is playing against a defense that has recently defended well against good running teams, you might want to start someone else. Without precision models offered through GameLine360, just looking at general year-to-date season stats could be misleading.

GameLine360 has commercial-friendly terms of use allowing free access to publish ratings, probabilities and trends, including manipulation, as long as attribution is given. This is great news for newspapers and periodicals who want to supply their readers with some of the most precise ratings and probabilities available.

The GameLine360 website uses a similar approach to that of hurricane models; whereas, multiple models are ran in real-time against NFL teams and games to come up with angled ratings and a general consensus along with confidence level of each set of probabilities. Categorized power ratings are displayed for each precision model, including momentum ratings adjusted for strength of each opponent. Probabilities are offered for straight up, versus spread and over/under predictions. Weather and point spreads play a role in star ratings and could fluctuate right up to game time. The first few weeks of the season have the most variation. During the initial weeks of the season, weighted statistics from the final games of the previous season are used in combination with current season data. Want to see rates for yourself? Use the Trend analysis and run the models in real-time against any range of games. GameLine360 exposes 20 NFL seasons from 1990 to 2010 for snapshots, trends and testing model win percentages.

Disclaimer: Historical trends, probabilities and ratings do not necessarily predict future outcomes. GameLine360 ratings, probabilities and trends are intended for entertainment purposes only. GameLine360 is not responsible for any losses incurred. Please read the terms of use carefully before accessing this site. NFL is a registered trademark of the National Football League. GameLine360 is not affiliated with the National Football League (NFL), any teams or any other affiliates. GameLine360 is an unofficial and independent source of information. NCAA is a registered trademark of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. GameLine360 is not affiliated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), any teams or any other affiliates. GameLine360 is an unofficial and independent source of information. is 100% Made in USA.


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