All Press Releases for November 17, 2004

New online recruiting firm challenges the mold

Harness the power — and relationships — of your own people to find highly qualified job candidates. Headless Hunter fills job openings without expensive commissions.

    / - Seattle, WA, November 15, 2004 -- Headless Hunter (, an innovative new human resources tool, unveiled its new service today, threatening to make expensive head hunter commissions a thing of the past.

Whereas most recruiting firms charge 20% to 30% of a hired employee’s first year salary, Headless Hunter charges a small flat fee per hired candidate. Employers can post jobs on the Headless Hunter network free of charge, and positions remain on the network until filled or canceled. Unlike other job posting services, Headless Hunter referrals are pre-screened, providing only high quality leads.

“Your employees know your business and they know what the [open] job entails,” says Headless Hunter founder, Floyd McFeely. “Why not leverage that understanding? And while you’re at it, leverage their industry contacts.”

Headless Hunter fills job vacancies by relying on the people that know a company best—its employees. Incentivized with cash rewards, company employees, and their colleagues at other companies, search for and recommend job candidates based on their knowledge of the company, industry, and open positions. The result is a pool of capable candidates that have existing connections to the company.

The simplicity of the process belies its effectiveness. When a company posts a job on Headless Hunter, employees are invited to join the network and, in turn, invite their contacts within the same industry to join. Anyone in the company’s network of employees and contacts can refer a candidate for the posted job. If the company hires a referred candidate, Headless Hunter collects the fee and rewards the referring party accordingly.

In addition to aggregating candidates, Headless Hunter also supplies powerful management features to help management quickly identify and hire excellent employees.

“This has always gone on in one form or another,” concludes McFeely, “What we’ve done is to organize that natural personal networking process and put in a context that allows employers to sort, track, and understand where their employees are really coming from.”

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Headless Hunter is a first of its kind recruiting service that can help your organization harness the power of your own employees to find highly qualified candidates at a fraction of the cost charged by recruiters and job posting services.

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