All Press Releases for November 10, 2010 Makes the 4 Year Mark on the Web! Keeps on Poppin!

Pop That Zit has been a public icon for a full 4 years now, and it has undergone some major changes that are allowing users to communicate and participate like never before.

    BOONTON, NJ, November 10, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- has appeared in a number of places, including The Tyra Banks Show, Rosie O' Donnell, and XM radio. It has also been mentioned on a variety of other radio stations, spreading the word to millions of people about all that the site has to offer. Since it was first created four years ago there have been some noticeable additions, including the new integrated video player. This new feature allows visitors to go on the site and watch video clips that members find or create themselves to post for everyone to see.

With over 5,000 members and still going strong, Pop That Zit has managed to capture the interest and loyalty of many people from all over the world. There are regular discussions, contests, and miscellaneous posts put up each day relating to zits in one way or another. One of the new video series that the site is featuring is The Wisconsin Cheese Head Series, which was created by a member of site. The video sessions are centered on one of the member's brother in law and they consist of popping one zit after another.

One new feature that the website currently sports is the ability to send private messages to other visitors who are online and browsing. Pop That Zit is known for its ability to bring thousands of people together for one common purpose, discussing and participating in zits and acne treatment. The site consists of a strong and growing community that frequently post videos, questions, contests, and more. Private messaging is just one of the latest features that connects members to together and allows them to communicate in a fast and efficient way.

The forum on Pop That Zit is yet another feature that connects users and brings them together. In the forum section, members can and often do discuss anything that is on their minds relating to zits or acne. The posts vary in content and can be anything from a serious question/concern to a zit-popping contest which numerous members participate in. Over the four years it has existed, this website has developed into one of the largest and most significant sources of acne/zit discussion and humor. Its massive worldwide exposure on multiple celebrity shows has brought attention to the world as to what it is about and what is has to offer.

Apart from the odd contest and videos which are frequently put up on the site, members are able to visit the "Acne Treatment" section for ways to get rid of the zits that plague them. This part of the website suggests certain medications and products which have been proven to be successful for many in the treatment of this skin condition. There is also the "Manifesto" section, which elaborates on zit culture and the different types of poppers that exist.

All in all it is a rapidly expanding and very significant website for those who struggle with acne, offering a light and sometimes humorous release for those who have come to terms with their zits. It is a way of connecting with other people who share the same types of thoughts and philosophies regarding zits and skin care. The website itself is a versatile combination of important resources for people who need to get their skin under control as well as a forum for sharing thoughts and ideas on the subject. Pop That Zit takes a somewhat zany approach to acne, providing members with a way to laugh off what others have deemed as being a social stigma.

Are you looking for poppers? Give a try!

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This is a Pop That Zit .com exclusive. The Wisconsin cheese heads never cease to amaze us!