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The Last Visitor - For Blacks Only? Is This A Novel Idea?

What if the tables were turned from 60 years ago when black people were confronted by signs which read, "For Whites Only? What if superiority and preferential treatment meant "For Blacks Only?"

    CASA GRANDE, AZ, November 15, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Elizabeth Abigail James, author of the novel, The Last Visitor, invites readers to take a humorous and dramatic mile walk in the shoes of her not-so-typical fictional characters in a small American town where everything is not as it seems. In The Last Visitor, Luther Rawlings, a mild-mannered barber from a small town, takes a bus ride that could cost him his life. While Luther fights for his life, Hawk Williams, a black man from Luther's hometown, takes us through five decades of Luther's life. Readers see the reflection of their own biases, imperfections, and weaknesses through the eyes of Luther, born in the 1930's, who considers himself a fairly good person, though not perfect. After all, he's white, a Christian, and a baseball fan.

Elizabeth Abigail James is an amazing story teller. Her use of humor, drama, mystery, symbols, and word play keep the reader entertained and engaged. When asked about the book, Ms. James commented: "I cry every time I read the book because during its inception the characters began to speak for themselves. They had come to life and demanded to be heard! I fell in love with some of them and enjoyed hating others; however, with each of them, I laughed, cried, empathized, and sympathized."

Reverend Hayes' oldest daughter, Charlene, always sang lead in church. She was blurting out "This Little Light of Mine," while we were all wishing she would shine hers somewhere else. Reverend Hayes was tapping his foot to keep time, and his wife Constance was at the organ nodding like it was the most beautiful thing they'd ever heard.
Luther said my nostrils were flaring and he could see smoke coming out of them. He knew I carried about that big snake knife, and he was sure there was gonna be trouble. Bert and Sam, those old chickens, started easing toward the door.
"My Lord! The way that girl ruined that song Nearer My God To Thee, it's a wonder God will let her within ten miles of him." Luther couldn't help but laugh. "Now, Manda, she wasn't that bad." But Amanda was on a roll. "Oh, and that Reverend Hayes. I've never in my life seen a man with nothing to say take so long saying it!"
Two days later, they found Danny dead just outside Florence. His tiny yellow body had been mutilated, almost beyond recognition. . . He looked like he'd been tied up and dragged several miles.
Mama saw Reverend Hayes' piercing stare. Lucille sat back up, like she was interested in Reverend Hayes' sermon. Mabel stared at her, jaws wide open. "Lue?"
"Lucille! What? What he say?"
"Oh yeah . . . so he says 'Well, Sista Williams, the Lawd works in mysterious ways. He's working on Sista Simmons' soul, and God'll reach her one day. All we can do is pray for poor Sista Simmons.'"
"A-man to that!"

The Last Visitor by Elizabeth Abigail James retails for $15.95 and is distributed through FM Publishing Company,, Ingram Book Publishing, Barnes and Noble,, Lighthouse Publishing, NACSCORP, Rittenhouse, Expresso Book Machine, and 15 other distributors throughout the United Kingdom.

About the Author

Elizabeth Abigail James is the author of six other titles (nonfiction, poetry, songs, and devotionals). She has written three screenplays, holds several degrees, is a business owner, educator, minister, founder of a nonprofit organization, and has been writing for over 35 years.

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