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Destiny Russell Asked a Christmas Wish From Online Marketer

Destiny Russell of Hemet, Ca is loved by her hubby Darrin, who has launched an extensive effort to profess his love this holiday season.

    CORAL SPRINGS, FL, November 28, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Hubby launches love marketing for Destiny Russell, his wife of 5 years. Darrin, who has been in Internet marketing, has devoted some time to launch blogs and several other media and videos for the love of his life. Five years ago the two met in California, when Destiny was working as a secretary and Darrin owned his own business. The two hit it off over the phone and fell in love the week Darrin visited. Destiny flew up to live in Washington with Darrin. They had fun and enjoyed MT Rainer, the Oregon Vortex and Ivars restaurant on the pier at Pikes Market in Seattle. "Destiny use to believe that a single soul born in heaven can split into twin spirits and shoot like falling stars to earth, where over oceans and continents their magnetic forces will finally unite them back into one, I still believe it" -Darrin

Not too many couples can say they had a fantastic first date. Darrin asked Destiny to go to Disneyland for their first date. It was raining all day long and the two were able to go on all the rides and shared a kiss on on Big Thunder mountain railroad which they still have a picture of today. Their first kiss was shared in under a minute of meeting each other for the first time.

When the two met they knew they were to create a baby and decided to bring a baby to this world on 7-5-07: their daughter Gizelle. During the economy, the couple struggled but their love was always their guiding light. they never allowed friends or family to come between them until now. Recently the two have been separated and both are hurting inside but other people and attorneys are interfering with their life. "My only wish this Christmas is to have Destiny Russell back in my arms to share with my daughter." - Darrin

Both cannot make it back this holiday season but there is hopes that the two can be reunited by his marketing efforts that she will see in the paper. Darrin is hoping with social marketing his wife will see how much their love can still guide them this holiday season. " IF I could say anything to Destiny it would be, Christmas is a time of forgiveness and I ask to reconcile, just google your name honey, and you will see what you mean to me, love always" - Darrin

So far 95% of America have voted to reunite these two and give their hearts a chance for the holidays and their daughter. "People that say a prayer for us or concentrate on the positive will bring us back together as a family. I am asking people reading this to pray and project a positive thought so we can attract positive energies and be together this Christmas. I am calling on all religions and churches to say a prayer for us, cuz the big guy upstairs can help if enough people want the miracle to happen." - Darrin

The blog that Darrin created can be viewed here: Destiny Russell.

Darrin has been in marketing for 15 years in the Internet field.


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