All Press Releases for February 12, 2011

Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Games Welcomes Fanball Fantasy Game Fans

Fantasy Sports is welcoming all Fanball fantasy games fans who are displaced and are looking for a new place to call home for their fantasy racing and fantasy basketball games.

    ARLINGTON, VA, February 12, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- With the recent news of one of the most respected and likened fantasy sports sites shutting down its operations, Fantazzle Fantasy Sports will be reaching out to the customers. Fanball was a great site and had many loyal customers and now those customers need a place to play fantasy sports games.

Fantazzle is sad to see Fanball go but is welcoming all Fanball customers to Fantazzle with a special offer to former Fanball players. Simply signup at Fantazzle and email some of your Fanball information and Fantazzle will reward you for trying out their games. Fantazzle is currently offering fantasy racing games in several formats for Fanball players to try out as well as a mid-season fantasy basketball salary cap game. Fantazzle's fantasy racing games can be played in weekly, segment, or season-long formats and start with the Daytona 500. If you are looking for a way to make each NASCAR race more exciting Fantazzle is the place to go. Also, the mid-season fantasy basketball games, which start immediately following the All-Star break, are a great way to get in on the NBA action whether your season-long team is already behind or you are just looking for some extra excitement during the week. Fantazzle is also the proud owner of the industry's best deposit bonuses!

While Fanball certainly had a wide variety of fantasy sports games available to its members, Fantazzle has quite a bit to offer as well. Fantasy football may have ended, but fantasy baseball is right around the corner and Fantazzle Fantasy Sports will have every possible angle covered as they will be introducing some new games to go along with their already solid daily and weekly fantasy baseball challenge and fantasy baseball playoff games.

If you get to Fantazzle now you can also take part in their newest promotion, FanStock February! February is going to be a very compelling month for members as the Fantazzle staff is offering larger deposit bonuses, games with added cash, and free games with large cash prizes! Fantazzle is coming up big as they are producing fantasy racing and mid-season fantasy basketball games just in time for fans who have no place to play.

While Fantazzle is mostly a daily and weekly fantasy sports site, they have recently expanded into season-long and mid-season fantasy games. Fantazzle has some of the highest payouts in the industry, often in the range of 85% - 92%. This is almost unheard of in the fantasy sports gaming industry. With no hidden fees, transaction charges, or lineup submission costs Fantazzle is the best place to play, and one of the most affordable, for fantasy players looking to earn some extra income.

Right now fantasy players can sign up to play fantasy racing and mid-season fantasy basketball games for as little as $5 and as much as $1,000. Fantazzle literally has every fantasy sports fan covered. Deposit now and get your share of the industry's best deposit bonus and start playing fantasy games for any and every sport you choose. Don't like season-long games? Play daily or weekly games. Miss out on the opening day draft of fantasy basketball? Join one of Fantazzle's mid-season fantasy basketball leagues. Fantazzle has you covered in every way you could possibly fathom.

In the past few years, fantasy sports fans have been disappointed with the close of several fantasy sports sites, not just Fanball. Last year, ESPN, CBS, and Sporting News all removed their main NASCAR and PGA games from their sites, with each having their own good reason for doing so. Fantasy basketball hasn't yet been threatened, but CEO Ryan Parr recently made a strong commitment to fantasy racing and fantasy basketball. "We believe that fantasy racing and fantasy basketball are key fantasy sports that we want to see succeed. Racing is an incredible sport and a great sport that is conducive to creating an exciting fantasy game. I want 2011 fantasy racing to be the year that Fantazzle becomes known as the destination to play fantasy racing."

Fantazzle has a commitment to not only their specialty, daily and weekly fantasy sports, but fantasy sports games as a whole. With their new season-long, mid-season, unlimited, and other new games that Fantazzle has put together they look like the standard in the fantasy sports gaming industry. Their fantasy baseball games will be available soon and we should all look for some new games and even more improvements to their usual games.

Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Games is a unique fantasy games site that, instead of offering traditional season long fantasy games like most fantasy sites, offers daily fantasy games and weekly fantasy games that have no commitment for the entire season or even game to game. The fantasy games site is a member of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) and is a private company incorporated in Delaware. Fantazzle's current sports include fantasy football, high stakes fantasy football, playoff fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball, fantasy golf, fantasy hockey, fantasy racing, and a fantasy contest for the 2010 World Cup game. The online fantasy games site offers the best fantasy sports promotions available on the Internet with its FanStock promotion points and free fantasy sports games available daily. In 2008, Fantazzle was the #1 pre-season fantasy football site for ranking players before the season over 20 sites including the biggest and best names in fantasy sports. Fantazzle is free to join and you can play fantasy sports games any day of the year.

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