All Press Releases for October 22, 2006

Scottsdale, Arizona Luxury Condo Development Opens With Purified Water For Every Unit.

Optima, Inc Taps PureHomeRO For Soft, Clean, Safe Water For All 720 Units.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - CHICAGO, IL, October 22, 2006 - The luxury condominium development of Optima, Inc. in downtown Scottsdale, Arizona has opened the first phase for occupancy with homeowners enjoying purified water to every faucet, fixture and water appliance. Homeowners at Camel View Village now affordably enjoy great-tasting, safe water along with the many benefits of soft water. The showcase urban-residential-resort lifestyle development will consist of eleven 7-story terraced towers with all 720 units enjoying water quality normally associated only with branded bottle water.

Optima selected Water SolutionZ International, Inc. and their next-generation, high efficiency, patented residential water treatment system called PureHomeRO to handle the challenge of water treatment in Arizona. To properly meet all the potable water demands of Camel View Village, the system has the capacity to produce over 240,000 gallons of soft, clean, safe water every day to ensure adequate water during peak usage time. The system is centrally located onsite (near the parking facility) to reliably serve all the units yet not encumber the individual home units with any equipment.

The system is available to multi-unit developers or homeowners associations for either purchase or lease. It is also available via a service agreement which does not require any upfront capital expenditure. Separately, a version of PureHomeRO has been engineered for single family homes and is typically installed in custom, luxury homes for families that want the assurance of soft, clean, safe water.

Jeffery Grade is the Chief Engineer of Water SolutionZ and was instrumental in working with Optima on meeting the challenging specs of effectively and efficiently treating the water for Camel View Village. "Camel View Village homeowners have invested in luxury and they expect the same from their water in terms of taste, safety and overall water quality. Along with Optima, we are confident the multi-stage technology of PureHomeRO is the right solution. PureHomeRO is simply the smart way to protect the family, the home and the real estate investment." said Mr. Grade.

PureHomeRO delivers a far more effective alternative to the myriad of water treatment products in Arizona such as water softeners and point-of-use water filters. With a PureHomeRO system, the water for the entire development is cleaned and softened via a multi-stage process. First, the raw water passes through two activated carbon filters that are very effective with chlorine reduction to ensure excellent taste, eliminate odors and reduce the risk of chlorine ingestion or absorption in the skin. The next stage pressurizes the water through an ultra-thin, semi-permeable reverse osmosis (RO) membrane which reduces hardness and microscopic contaminants and pathogens such as protozoa cysts (including cryptosporidium and Giardia lamblia), bacteria (including E-Coli) and viruses. Following that, the water is aerated to encourage great taste while further inhibiting biological contamination. The final stage is ultra-violet (UV) disinfection to ensure any possible remaining microbes are deactivated.

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