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CiCi Calling Card Voted Best In Canada study suggests that Cici Calling Card prevails as Canada's Best Long Distance Card.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - RICHMOND HILL, ON, CANADA, November 02, 2006 - CiCi Calling Card prevails as Canada's Best Long Distance Card
For the last few years, online retailer of instantly delivered long distance calling card--has tracked the sales and customer satisfaction levels of many of Toronto's top Calling Cards. CiCi has been awarded's top Canadian calling card award this year.

Prepaid calling cards included in the study are:
CiCi Calling Card
First Choice
Gold Calling Card
Jia Jia Calling Card

The study has revealed that consumers making purchases online are much more selective than those purchasing through traditional streams such as variety stores, post offices or video store locations. This selectivity causes consumers to purchase "clean" (no-fee) calling cards with higher per-minute rates over maintenance/connection fee based cards.

Phone Card Depot attributes this selectiveness to 3 factors available online and not available in-store:
1. Comparison shopping and tools
2. Immediate access to rating detail
3. Wide selection of calling cards online.

1. Comparison shopping allows consumers to quickly calculate whether a fee based card yields the same number of minutes as a no-fee calling card. By typing in a few simple equations into Excel, the consumer is able to calculate the actual number of minutes that a fee-based card will yield. In almost all cases, a no-fee card yields a higher number of actual calling minutes than a fee-based card with lower per minute-rates.

2. Determining the per minute rate to a calling destination can be tricky while standing in-line at a local variety store or post office. Usually posters are available, but often these posters do not include every calling destination. On-line systems such as the one at enable consumers to access per-minute rates immediately.

3. Many convenience stores carry a very limited selection of prepaid calling cards. The cards included in their inventory are usually fee-based cards because they typically have a higher retail profit margin. Consumers have many more options online, enabling them to make a more informed choice.

Of the calling cards included in the study, only CiCi Calling Card and First Choice Calling Card are truly no-fee cards. These cards have continued to provide consumers with the best value when calling from Canada to the USA and to international destinations.

For more information on CiCi Calling Card see is a online retailer of long distance calling cards.

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