All Press Releases for December 04, 2004

San Diego, CA - New Website Let’s You Dish and Be Dished –

Described by industry experts as the “juiciest site to hit the web in years”, allows people to talk and be talked about.

    / - is an online community that connects friends & colleagues, as well as those who have lost touch with each other. It is a forum for people to rate, review, or even gossip about each other, or just to provide general knowledge about their current or former friends, as well as former boyfriends, girlfriends, colleagues, etc. This website provides a fun & entertaining view of people based on comments and reviews made by both their current and past friends, or acquaintances. It also serves as a meeting place for people to make new friends, or even find a date. And, best of all, membership is free.

Kelly Felix, co-creator of the site with his wife, Summer, said he compiled the site to target a younger market after seeing that most social networking sites were geared to an older crowd. The guilty pleasure of gossip is something young adults can’t seem to get enough of. Together, Kelly and Summer realized the potential of this vast market and the curiosity that consumes this niche. They found that this market not only wanted to meet new people, but they wanted to find out what other people thought of them as well. Kelly and Summer wanted to create the first website, where members can actually rate and review each other based on past experiences

Social Networking has become a main source for meeting people, making new friends or finding old ones, and dating. One thing lacking, Kelly and Summer found, was the ability to rate these people in such relationships. enables users to see a visual display of people they know as well as people they don’t know yet. Each display will feature a rating of that person in several different categories such as friendship, dating, and business relationships. Not only that, but people can also post personal messages about someone, which are then viewable by other members. Anyone who has comments written about them can then, “defend themselves”.

“It's a really fun way to not only meet people, but to see who's saying what about who.”, says Jason Layden, student at Santa Monica College.

The recent rash of online match-making and socializing indicates several things about the social scene in this market. As the more conventional means of finding dates and making friends seems to dwindle due to less time, energy, effort, and social skills, it is apparent online socialization is the wave of the future. will launch on November 30, 2004 and is expected to bring in at least 1 million members within the first 6 months. They have already partnered with MTV and over 100 top universities for a huge campaign beginning in February 2005. is currently flying members Ho-Ho-Home for the Holidays.
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