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The Top 4 (Most Effective) Tips for Small Businesses Looking to Embrace Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing isn't something to shy away from. It's an incredibly powerful and an incredibly useful tool once you know how to use it. And by the end of this article you will.

    LONDON, ENGLAND, June 16, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- So you're reading this article, which probably means your business has either ventured into the world of social media and are finding yourselves a bit lost, or you're thinking of venturing in, but would like someone to point you in the right direction first.

Twitter, Facebook and Blogging sites are great places to start as you can find similar businesses to your own with followers and customers who have already expressed an interest in your type of product or service. But before I get onto discussing the all-important tips, you should know this: Social media marketing isn't something to shy away from. It's an incredibly powerful and an incredibly useful tool once you know how to use it. And by the end of this article you will.

1. Interact.

Social media marketing is all about being social. That sounds kind of obvious but you'd be surprised at how may businesses create a website and set up Twitter and Facebook accounts and then never interact with their customers. If you communicate with people, you see results. It's as simple as that. Talk about your products, talk about the news, talk about the salami and cheese sandwich you had for lunch. Go nuts: it's all helpful as long as you are active and engaging. But remember, it is vital to keep in mind your end goal, do you want customers to buy your product? Do you want them to sign up for a newsletter? Do you want them to share your content with their friends? Whatever your goal is, you should bear it in mind when engaging and interacting with your customers.

2. Build a support network for customers or clients.

Social media, when used correctly is a great way to support your customers or clients. A fantastic example is Heathrow Airport and their twitter feed during the volcanic ash calamity - they kept customers informed and calm by giving people clear and concise answers to anything they were worried about. If your customers have a problem with a product, or a query about a purchase, encourage them to ask you questions. Just don't forget to give them answers.

3. Consider offering an online discount.

If an individual is invested in your company or brand so much that they regularly check out your social media sites, consider putting some weekly offers up for them to look out for. It encourages loyalty and rewards your existing customers but you'll also begin attracting new customers too. This is an age old marketing tip, simply modernised through online social networking. If you are in the position to do this financially then it is amongst one the most effective techniques.

4. Links.

The end aim of embracing social media marketing is to increase your sales. Yes, it's great to build a social network of customers and communicate with them, but the sales are what keeps the business running. So please don't forget to link people to your website - where they can see what you offer in a more professional context. For businesses who don't have a website yet, I would seriously consider getting one. Websites like offer great personalised website builder packages on website templates that don't break the budget. And having a real domain on the web can add so much credibility to your business and brand.

There are hundreds of people out there ready to hear about your product, brand or service, so use Social Media Marketing and get out there and do it!

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