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Precision Microdrives Launches 25mm Enclosed Vibrating Motor for Mixing Powders and Liquids

Precision Microdrives introduces the 325-100 25mm enclosed vibration motor. This motor is the first in a line of enclosed vibration motors that are easier to integrate into applications because there are no external moving parts.

    LONDON, ENGLAND, June 16, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Precision Microdrives has launched a small 25mm enclosed vibrator motor, designed primarily for mechanical-aid functions, such as sorting, sifting and mixing powders and liquids in a bench-top environment. Because of its convenient mounting fixtures, this motor is also used to help move wires, powders and particulate matter move along chutes, and hoppers.

This motor is the first in a line of enclosed vibration motors that are easier to integrate into applications because there are no external moving parts. Enclosed vibrator motors differ from encapsulated vibrator motors; encapsulated motors are sealed and designed for overmoulding, often with low-temperature and pressure plastics like silicon.

Enclosed vibrator motors on the other hand are designed to be bolted onto or into solid structures where there is a risk of the eccentric mass that generates vibration is obstructed. To aid the mounting, the 325-100 enclosed vibrator motor has M3 fixing points.

A lot of the small vibrator motors produced by Precision Microdrives are used in equipment to agitate liquids, powders, jewels, leads, beads, pellets and the like. Too small to operate on an industrial scale, applications are primarily in bench-top machines.

Enclosed vibrator motors like the 325-100 are ideal for these type of uses because securing them to the side of a hopper or chute is as simple as adding a couple of screws. Because there are no external moving parts, there is no risk of stray particles fouling the motor mechanism.

Enclosed vibrator motors can also be easier to retrofit into equipment to offer larger amplitude haptic feedback. In many cases this can be as simple as bolting the vibration motor to a bulkhead and wiring it to a suitable electrical trigger system.

Precision Microdrives also carries a range of encapsulated vibrator motors which are typically smaller, but are designed to be over-moulded and are water resistant.

The 25mm vibrator motor has solder terminal tags for electrical connections, though Precision Microdrives frequently adds customised leads, harnesses and connectors based on customer specifications. This vibrator motor is also a stocked part and is therefore available in quantities of 1+, off-the-shelf.

Precision Microdrives' has been engaged in a wide range of projects related to mixing liquids, and agitating powders along and analysis path in a processes or small machine. Their engineering support team has a wealth of experience relating to application design and guiding customers through the selection process; they'll be happy to help.

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Precision Microdrives carries the worlds most comprehensive range off-the-shelf range of DC vibration motors over 3 ranges, from 4mm diameter to 60mm diameter. All standard motors are available for same day dispatch, worldwide.

The company has successfully introduced many best practice methods of adding / integrating vibration motors into new and existing products, and their website carries a lot of that detailed best practice knowledge freely available for easy and quick viewing.

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