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Aces High, the Combat Simulator Sensation, Introduces New Version

Changes are all about ease of play and realism.

    FORT WORTH, TX, June 22, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Since 2000, Aces High has been the leader of the pack in flight simulation games. One reason is that HiTech Creations does not believe in standing pat with what they have created. Over the years more than 37 different versions of this wildly popular World War 2 flight simulator game have been introduced and this new version is far and away the best.

While other companies tinker around with four or five different games, in effect watering down the attention given to any one game, HiTech Creations founder Dale Addink has always believed that the concentration of talent and efforts on one game is the best approach, and this new version of Aces High is proof that Dale's approach is right on.

In the latest version of this combat simulator the vehicle control system has been overhauled. Vehicles can now be controlled by a combination of keyboard and mouse, making a joystick optional. This is great news for first-time players who don't have a joystick; it gives them the opportunity to jump right into the action with ease and confidence with this new mouse-friendly version. In addition, the keyboard and mouse controls duplicate that of most first person shooter-style games and that also adds to the ease for a new player just getting started.

The second major change is with regards to tanks. They have now been given a new commander's position that gives the player the capability of controlling multiple crew positions simultaneously. In the past a player could only control one tank crew task at a time; now you can control the tank, turret, main gun, hull gun, and scan for targets, all at the same time. This is a quantum leap in technology for war games and it promises additional challenges and will push the player to a new level in skill.

But that's not all! All tanks have switched from using a generic tank sight and reticle to a historically based sight with varying magnification, field of view, optical clarity, and reticles. This is so realistic that you will swear you are reincarnated as a M4 Sherman commander in Patton's elite 4th Armored Division, doing battle against the best Panther commanders in the Rhine Valley and leaving destroyed enemy tanks in your wake.

World War 2 games currently on the market have just seen the standard of excellence raised to a new level. Try the free two-week download but be warned: once you try Aces High prepare for your life to be drastically changed.

ABOUT HITECH CREATIONS: Founded in 1999 upon the belief that making one extraordinary game is better than making several mediocre games, CEO Dale Addink developed Aces High, the multi-player flight sim game that has thrilled hundreds of thousands of gamers over the years. Aces High continues to lead the market in thrills and challenges and is constantly being updated to offer new challenges for the new and experienced World War 2 combat simulator audience. Visit for more information on Aces High.


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