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Snoozester announces launch of Corporate Wake Up Call Service. Based primarily upon the popular wake up call service for consumers, this new service allows organizations to sign up for a customized corporate account and offer wake up calls to employees.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - ROCKVILLE, MD, December 18, 2006 - Companies can now "Spice up" their benefits package by offering wake up calls to their employees. Today, Snoozester Inc. announced the launch of their Corporate Wake Up Call Service. Based primarily upon the popular wake up call service for consumers, this new service allows organizations to sign up for a customized corporate account that can be branded with the company logo and tailored to meet the organization's needs. The service is offered as a hosted solution and it is available to businesses looking for an affordable way to expand their benefits package while offering a valuable service to employees. Many of the popular features of the consumer wake up call service such as SecureAwake, Snooze Button and various Repetition Options have been integrated into the new Corporate Wake Up Call Service. The service, designed to be purchased as an addition to an organization's benefits package, allows staff of participating companies to schedule wake up calls online and receive them on their phones anytime, anywhere. Snoozester hopes the service will help to answer two questions that many organizations currently face - "How can we stand out as employer of choice?" and "What can we do to help employees get to work on time?"

Snoozester CEO, Neville Mehra, remarked, "We have received tremendous feedback from our [consumer] wake up call service and we are very excited to launch the corporate version. We've put a lot of effort into this unique service and we are hoping to leverage the popularity of our consumer service to gain traction for this new venture."

Snoozester COO, Poya Golriz, added, "The Corporate Wake Up Call Service is built on top of the Snoozester Engine, the same platform that we have used to deliver hundreds of thousands of Snoozester wake up calls to our [consumer service] users. One of the important benefits of the service is that we offer it as a hosted solution; that means that companies do not need any specialized hardware or software to offer the service to their employees."

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About the consumer service:
The consumer wake up call service allows customers to schedule wake up calls online and then receive the calls on any US or Canadian telephone. Snoozester wake up calls are available with a variety of features and options including: Snoozester characters (the friendly voices that greet you in the morning for your wake up call), customizable repetition schedules, a 'snooze button' and the very popular SecureAwake - a feature that helps to ensure you wake up on time by calling every three minutes until you indicate that you are awake. In addition to the gift certificate program, Snoozester's services are available for purchase via both prepaid and subscription pricing plans.

About Snoozester
Snoozester is a privately-held technology firm and a leading provider of wake up calls and notification services. Founded in January 2005, Snoozester is dedicated to building an advanced scheduling and notifications platform that will revolutionize the way individuals and organizations manage their schedules and send and receive appointment related communications.
At present, Snoozester offers a wake up call service for individuals as well as scheduling and notifications services for businesses. Snoozester's wake up call service was officially launched in August 2006 after a 16 month beta testing period. Snoozester is currently seeking venture capital while preparing to expand their service offerings for consumers.
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Contact: Neville A. Mehra, President & CEO, Snoozester, 202.517.1602, [email protected]

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