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Ikove a truly line of organic skin and hair care brings you the beauty secrets from the rainforest. After a long research of the powers that Amazonian herbs hold, Florestas created a line of organic hair and skin care certified by ECOCERT France.

If you stop by the aisles in a cosmetic shop and look at the labels, many products will be named "natural", but some of them will contain just 3% of plants ingredients. This is why ECOCERT France have developed the first Organic Cosmetics specifications in 2002.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - LONG ISLAND CITY, NY, January 02, 2007 - Ikove is an indigenous word that means "to grow", "to live". The forest legends tell that each seed or herb was presented by God at critical times and were used for multiple applications vital to the existence of indigenous tribes. Florestas (which, by the way, means "Forests" in Portuguese) couldn't ignore such deep connection to nature and its power to heal and rejuvenate. After a long research and understanding of the powers that Amazonian herbs and fruits hold, we created this new line of natural and organic hair and skin care. Our products are created to benefit both body and senses. The IKOVE line uses oil seeds such as andiroba and Brazil nuts, both rich in fat acids, vital ingredients to maintain skin integrity. The lipids from the oils also hydrate and moisturize, keeping the emolliency and integrity of the cutaneous barrier. Brazilian fruits used in IKOVE products - açaí, cupuaçu, buriti and acerola - (see description below) have high concentration of vitamins and minerals and act as powerful anti-oxidants

We don't use any kind of synthetic fragrances or colours and products are designed to maintain a normal pH balance to minimize the potential for any skin irritation and maximize the beauty and healthy effects in your body and soul. All Florestas' products are handcrafted in the company's Brazilian manufacturing plant and are never tested on animals. These are the main reasons why its new line IKOVE has received the respectable international Organic Certification from ECOCERT.

What is a truly organic product?

If you stop by the aisles in a cosmetic shop and look carefully at the labels, many products will be "natural", but some of them will contain just 5% of natural ingredients. This is why ECOCERT have worked to develop the first Organic and Ecological Cosmetics specifications, which were registered with the French Ministry of Industry in 2002. It is an international inspection and certification body, accredited to verify the conformity of organic products according to organic regulations of Europe, Japan and the USA to ensure that what is claimed to be natural is really natural. All certified products, like IKOVE, must contain only allowed ingredients such as plant oils, fats and waxes, herbal extracts and essential oils from certified organic plants.

The following ingredients are absolutely forbidden by ECOCERT:

• Synthetic fragrances and dyes
• Silicones and glycol
• Petro-chemical and mineral oil
• Parabens
• Animal ingredients or animal testing

Even if the product has all natural ingredients in its composition, certain processes used to manufacture cosmetics can transform raw material in a chemically aggressive one. For example, some herbs have to be irradiated to eliminate impurities and during this process they are modified and may become as harmful to your skin. Therefore, to be certified we have to comply with manufacturing specifications as well to ensure our cosmetics keep their true organic properties. Without internationally recognized third party certification, the organic claim that appears in many products means nothing. To know more about our certification process, visit the ECOCERT website at

Preserving the Amazon, its resources and the indigenous people

Preserving the environment and the indigenous people is part of our truly organic philosophy. The marvellous herbal secrets kept in the Amazon are in danger if we don't give the forest population the right and ability to provide for themselves with sustained development, using the resources and preserving them for the future.
Many residents from the Amazon island of Marajó had to cut down trees to survive during the rainy months of "big waters" when it's impossible to fish. Recently, however, the gathering of fruits and nuts for food and personal care industries has opened the door for a new income during that critical season. As a direct result, trees as andiroba, murumuru and ucuúba have been saved from continuous destruction.
Our company also works with suppliers who are committed to environmental preservation and fair trade criteria. Simply put, buying IKOVE products also helps to support Amazonian families and to preserve the rain forest.

Amazonian ingredients

Andiroba: Thick, rich oil with deep creamy colour. Promotes anti-inflammatory and renewing activity. Used for skin repair and to help fight cellulite.
Acaí: Has great concentration of anti-oxidants (that avoid premature ageing), fatty acids, essential omegas (EFAs 6 and 9 with dietary fiber and phytostyerols) help maintaining skin integrity as they take part in lipid metabolism and in the skin renewing process. Acerola: Fruit with very high content of Vitamin C, it's a powerful anti-oxidant and free
radical scavenger for the skin. Also contains mineral salts that have been efficient in the treatment of tired and stressed skin. Its mucilage and proteins have hydrating properties for skin and also for hair conditioning.
Buriti: Fruit rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene to keep skin's elasticity and provide its regeneration.
Babassu: Fruit with high content of lauric and myristic acids, which have melting points relatively close to the body temperature. So when applied, Babassu draws the heat from the skin to initiate melting and the heat transfer produces a cooling effect.
Cupuaçu: Cupuaçu butter is excellent in recovering the skin's natural humidity and elasticity, specially in extremely dry or mistreated conditions.

The IKOVE line

1. Skin treatment

Rose Night Cream
For all skin types. With Acerola, Açaí berry and Rose hips, which provide high protection against free radicals and helps regenerate your skin while you sleep. Cupuaçu butter and aloe vera nourish and moisturize all skin cells.
Amazonian Buriti Lotion
After sun, face and body, all skin types. Buriti helps soften and regenerate the skin. Anti-oxidants rich Buriti oil and healing Andiroba oil are combined to repair damage caused by sun exposition. The lotion also has Acerola to reinforce its anti-ageing property.
Cream for Tired Legs
Firm and Sleek Relieves and refreshes tired leg muscles. A unique blend of plant extracts to increase circulation, ease leg swelling and reduce pain. It contains also Rosemary extract and essential oil (to provide relief for stressed legs) and murumuru butter and babassu oil (to moisturize and nourish the skin). The cream is ideal for frequent travellers or people who have to stand for long periods.
Hand Savior
Hand cream extra moisturizing. With murumuru butter and babassu nut oil to soften and protect your hands.
Foot Cream
A blend of invigorating and disinfecting plants: Rain forest Guaçatonga & Copaíba extracts have purifying and disinfecting properties. Babassu and Brazil nut oils are powerful moisturizers.
Amazonian Clay Mask
Deep cleansing and lifting look for all skin types. With nutrient rich Amazonian white clay and blended herbs it removes dirt and grease, tightens and refines pores, softening fine lines.

2. Hair products

Amazonian Açaí berry Shampoo
Anti-oxidant for normal hair. Açaí berry contains about 30 times more anti-oxidants than grapes. It is also rich in Omega 6 and 9 to constantly nourish your hair. It's blended with essential oils for aroma and it's perfect for daily use.
Amazonian Avocado and Acerola Shampoo
Nourishing for treated or damaged hair. The richness of avocado and the nutrients of Acerola to keep dry hair balanced.
Amazonian Cupuaçu Butter Shampoo
Moisturizing for dry hair. Rainforest cupuaçu is from the cocoa family and cupuaçu butter comes from the seeds of this fruit. It is highly water absorbent to provide long-lasting hydration.
Amazonian Acerola Shampoo
Astringent, ideal for oily hair. Acerola's vitamin C is combined with herb extracts to combat excess oiliness but ensuring that your hair is always moisturized.
Amazonian Jaborandi Shampoo
Strenght for extra fine hair. Jaborandi leaves are used for centuries by indigenous people to enforce natural defenses. The product reinforce roots and promote healthy hair grown.
Amazonian Cupuaçu Butter Conditioner
Moisturizer for normal hair.
Amazonian Avocado & Babassu Conditioner
Nourishing for dry or extra dry hair.

3. Body and Shower

Brazil Nut Bath and Shower Gel
Hydrating for normal skin. Brazil nut is rich in fatty acids, amino-acids, zinc and Vitamin C. Combined with gentle plant cleaners, this gel helps to keep the skin natural hydration.
Amazonian Copaíba Bath and Shower Gel
Soothing, for blemished skin and after sports. Copaíba resin is known for its soothing and calming effect.
Amazonian Avocado Bath and Shower Gel
Smoothing for dry skin
Amazonian Acerola Bath and Shower Gel
Calming for oily skin
Rosemary and Amazonian Açaí Bath and Shower Gel
Invigorating for dull skin

Ikove products are available in selected Spas, gift shops and Whole Foods stores in California.

Florestas was one of the winners of the New Ventures Forum of sustainable business practices last December in Brazil. See the full details online at

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