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Luxury European Goose and Eiderdown Comforters by Christian Fischbacher of Switzerland Available in the USA at Aiko Luxury Linens

Formerly only available in Europe, Aiko Luxury Linens introduces ultra luxe 100% Polish goose down and Icelandic Eiderdown comforters (duvets) to the American consumer.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - January 30, 2007 - Since Switzerland knows the meaning of the word "cold", we've searched the Swiss Alps for the lightest, coziest, warmest goose down comforter on the European continent.

Aiko Luxury Linens in Miami (online at which specializes in fine European textiles has provided discerning American consumers with luxury bed linens produced by Christian Fischbacher of Switzerland. However, until now their exclusive line of white goose down and Eiderdown comforters was only available in Europe.

With down comforters are available in the US from $99, what makes Christian Fischbacher 100% white Polish goose down and eiderdown duvets so special and why are they expensive?

Most department store comforters (duvets) contain about 75% down and have a fill power of 550. Fill power is simply the amount of space that one ounce of down occupies in cubic inches. 500-600 fill power is average, 700 is nice, 800 is wonderful, and 850 is fabulous!

Why is high fill power better? Insulation does not come from the down itself, but from the air which is trapped in the pockets. The more air trapped in the pockets, the more heat is retained and less down is needed - therefore you can have a warm goose down comforter which is very lightweight. Christian Fischbacher down duvets are 830-850 fill power. Coupled with a duvet cover made of 100% Swiss cotton batiste or silk, they provide a serene and restorative sleep experience.

What about down percentages inside the comforter (duvet)? Feathers are cheap and good quality down is expensive, so more down translates into a higher cost. Most department store duvets in the US are 75% down, whereas Christian Fischbacher European goose down comforters are almost 100% down, containing only minute traces of feather. Down used in the manufacture of Christian Fischbacher comforters comes from the Mazuran section of Poland where the geese produce an exceptionally large down cluster, which simply means light, fluffy and warm.

In addition to 3 warmth levels, Fischbacher has designed in incredibly intelligent double quilt, called GENEVA which consist of 2 quilts, each with different warmth retention capacity that snap together (for a winter duvet), or can be used separately in summer and fall. How's that for Swiss ingenuity?

If 100% white Polish goose down were not enough, there is the ROYAL Eiderdown comforter made with down from the Icelandic eider duck. This is the crème de la crème of down comforters. It is for the individual who simply wants the best and has the wherewithal to pay for it. Eider duck down holds heat far better than any other kind of down with insulation capability of about 850-900 fill power. For additional luxury, the ROYAL eiderdown duvet has a splendid silk cover.

Aiko Luxury Linens believes that the quality of Christian Fischbacher's down comforters will enter the American consciousness in the same way that cream rises to the top. Christian Fischbacher European goose down comforter and Eiderdown duvets are available at Aiko Luxury Linens' store in Miami, Florida and online at

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