All Press Releases for December 21, 2004

Phishing and Bank Fraud Attacks Stopped Cold by Pattern-based Anti-spam Filter

Phishing attacks, cleverly crafted emails, ostensibly originating from a bank or credit card issuer, are quickly becoming the most destructive security threat on the Internet.

    / - December 21, 2004. Phishing emails, request confidential account information from the victim, in the guise of legitimate communication from a financial institution. The email will often contain corporate logos and appear on the surface, as legitimate. However, when the victim verifies his or her account information, their confidential information is promptly sent to the phisher. The phishing criminal will then use the stolen information to defraud the victim, by withdrawing funds from the victim's account and identity theft.

The pattern based filters, employed by high-end anti-spam software such as EMP 5, are uniquely able to identify these phishing emails, by targeting the hidden attributes the phishers must include, for them to receive back the phished information. Unfortunately, the majority of anti-spam filters, currently on the market are keyword/Bayesian based and are incapable to targeting these subtle indicators.

EMP is endorsed by tier-one mail server vendors; Microsoft, IBM/Lotus and Novell. It is operating system independent and deployed around the world, protecting a diverse array of mail server products, including Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus Domino, Novell GroupWise and UNIX Sendmail.

EMP utilizes a comprehensive multi-tiered approach to identify illicit content, while offering the lowest false-positive rate possible, identification tiers include:
• Delivery attempts from Trojan infected Windows computers and known criminal spam gangs.
• Message envelope, header and body heuristics.
• CP2 second-generation pattern recognition.
• Three forms of white listing (content pattern, global sender, and recipient defined sender).
• Multiple evolving proprietary techniques.

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