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Better Search Engine Ranks With MetaWebs Software

MetaWebs software from Anderson Agencies automates many time consuming search engine optimization tasks, making better search engine ranks more affordable.

    / - December 22, 2004. Almost every online business wants better search engine ranks. That's because more targeted traffic means more customers, sales, and profits. Until now, getting better search engine ranks usually meant either acquiring the necessary skill and doing the work in house or paying a search engine optimization firm. MetaWebs software from Anderson Agencies takes less time and skill than optimizing pages by hand while costing much less than the fees charged by credible search engine optimization firms.

A link to a video demonstration of MetaWebs is available from this page:

MetaWebs can be used with very little prerequisite knowledge. Subscribers can take advantage of online video tutorials, a very active online forum, and teleconferences to learn how to get the desired results. An instructional DVD and booklet are also mailed to each subscriber.

While MetaWebs can't build complete usable sites by some sort of magic, it does handle a lot of the time-consuming routine work involved in making sure that all the pages can be indexed. It also deals with an assortment of search engine optimization related issues far more effectively than novices could otherwise. Additionally, MetaWebs provides secondary content for web pages that may improve their rankings.

MetaWebs should not be confused with spamdexing tools. It doesn't let users throw in a few thousand keywords and have it build a site. Such activities are not just advised against. The software won't do it.

If you would like to increase targeted traffic to a website, you may want to take a look at the MetaWebs video demonstration available here:

Jim Pryke, the author of this release, has been fascinated by search engine optimization for more than a decade.

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