All Press Releases for December 22, 2004

TrackingROI Launches Website Community for Fighting Click Fraud Provides Resources for the Prevention of Online Advertising Fraud

    TrackingROI announces the launch of, a platform to help increase online advertising ROI by detecting click fraud and improving advertising effectiveness. Click fraud poses a threat to all online businesses and advertisers who utilize Pay-Per-Click advertising. The community provides resources that allow these advertisers to learn about this threat, track and report suspicious activity and then eliminate any potential threats at the source.

Click fraud, or click spamming, occurs when a person or program accesses a URL with no intention of browsing the site, purchasing a product or performing any other type of conversion action. Sometimes individuals perpetrate this activity for fun but often times, competing companies use the strategy in order to drive up advertising costs for the ad sponsor. Some "pirates" will even hire others to work the scam from international locations, making it very difficult to prosecute the offenders.

Google's Chief Financial Officer George Reyes recently expressed his belief that click fraud poses the biggest threat to the Internet economy. As old as the Internet itself, this fraudulent activity is not the "cost of doing business" online as it has been defined, as companies lose millions of dollars every month as a result. operates as an educational community, providing
articles, online discussions and forums about the latest subjects and issues facing online advertisers. Their database includes software and anonymous proxy servers used to perform fraudulent operations, allowing users to report threats for further investigation. notifies companies, educational institutions, Internet Service Providers and other organizations when a new threat is found on one of their servers, and then work with them to eliminate the problem.

Founded in 2004 by, is a continuously updated, community resource to fight click fraud. Their proprietary and Patent Pending software systems continually scan the Internet looking for new threats and determining whether existing threats are still active. Their databases are securely transmitted to the datacenters to help power their industry leading Click Fraud Detection Engine. By profiling the users clicking
on their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and other online ads, is in a unique position to help their customers eliminate this threat and receive refunds from Google, Overture and other advertising outlets for the fraudulent claims.

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