All Press Releases for February 16, 2007

DFW Elite Auto Takes Personal Protection to a New Level

Lightly Armored Hummer H2 Provides the Ultimate in Secure Transportation

    /24-7PressRelease/ - DALLAS, TX, February 16, 2007 - -DFW Elite Auto has tackled one of the biggest concerns facing all Americans today - personal safety. Owner Ron Sturgeon announced that he has added a custom-built, lightly armored 2006 Hummer H2 to his existing fleet of luxury and exotic cars, trucks and SUVs.
"Personal safety has become one of the main issues people are concerned with today," Sturgeon says. "It used to be that armored cars were only used for military purposes or for transporting valuables. But today, people are relying on them more and more for basic transportation."
The lightly armored Hummer H2 looks like a typical H2, but is equipped with Level 2 protection, as classified by the U.S. military. That means its bulletproof glass, which protects all of the Hummer's windows, can withstand gunshots from weapons up to a .30 caliber carbine. It also is impenetrable by such instruments as hammers, bats and hatchets. Ballistic steel plates beneath the Hummer's skin protect its front, sides and roof.
Additionally, the vehicle's undercoating is designed to repel the shock effects of any kind of explosive charge, including land mines and grenades. The steel reinforced Run-Flat tires won't deflate, even when punctured by an object such as a nail, spike or bullet.
"This is the ultimate in personal protection," says Sturgeon. "More and more people are looking at safety considerations such as bulletproof protection, and we knew that it was something we wanted to make available to our clients."
Since 2001, the armored car market has seen a dramatic increase, with some of the most popular choices for armoring being the Hummer H2, the Ford Crown Victoria and the Chevrolet Suburban. The ultra-secure cars are popular with celebrities, athletes, politicians and CEOs, although the market now is growing to include a broader cross-section of drivers.
"This is a fast-growing market, but it is generally something that isn't widely talked about," says Fort Worth-based Certified Protection Professional David W. McCoy. "People who are driving armored or protected vehicles are trying to stay under the radar. To be able to drive around unnoticed in an extremely safe vehicle is a huge security measure."
He said that the change in society's perception has changed since the terrorist attacks of 2001, and people are more willing to take the necessary precautions to avoid perceived threats and dangers.
"Historically, this type of vehicle was reserved for the very upper echelon of society. But all that has changed now." Sturgeon says that changing perception motivated the company to add the armored vehicle to the DFW Elite Auto fleet. "Safety is no longer something that people take for granted," he adds. "When someone is in this Hummer H2, they know they're extremely safe. And, since it looks like any other H2 out there, it's also discreet - which is always the best safety precaution money can buy."

DFW Elite Auto is headquartered at 5940 Eden in Fort Worth, and serves Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, as well as the DFW Metroplex with over 50 exotic and luxury cars, trucks and SUV's. For more information and to see a complete inventory of available vehicles, visit, or call 817-838-RENT.

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