All Press Releases for February 27, 2007

America's Largest Exotic Car Share Club Turns Ignition Key in Dallas

More Than 55 Exotic, Luxury and Hard-to-Obtain Vehicles Available to Members of DFW Elite Car

    /24-7PressRelease/ - DALLAS, TX, February 27, 2007 - Confirmed car enthusiast Larry Buck and owner of Victory Awnings Inc. couldn't be happier about the arrival of a new business in the Metroplex.

"As a business owner, there is no way I could justify $200,000 for a Lamborghini Gallardo that I would drive six to eight times a year. The Club lets me turn the key and drive an unmatched variety of the best cars in the world without ever paying for depreciation, maintenance, or storage or any other ownership costs, " says Buck "Fun just got much more affordable."

"What most high-end car owners don't expect is how little they reach for the keys and how much they reach for their wallets," reports car collector, real estate developer, and DFW Elite Car founder Ron Sturgeon. "We believe that exotic and high-end car lovers in the Metroplex are ready for a better, less costly way to drive exotic and luxury automobiles." That new way is called DFW Elite Car

"Timeshares for airplanes and yachts have been around for years," reports Mr. Sturgeon. "We are just extending the same idea to a fleet of exotic, luxury, and classic automobiles." Membership is open to both corporations and individuals. In exchange for their monthly dues, members receive an allotment of points that work like currency for use of club vehicles at costs far lower than ownership or daily rental rates, plus the events and fun the car club offers. Members also enjoy significant savings on the company's newest product, Drive Your Dream, where they can enjoy 5 super cars for a full day with other enthusiasts.

"We have a real advantage over most other car clubs because we have a well capitalized owner and a superb in-house collection of 50+ distinctive cars partly drawn from Ron's private collection," says Club director David Campbell. "Most other clubs need a large outlay from members so that can begin to buy a fleet. We have every car enthusiast's dream--4+ million dollars' worth of elite cars--available to members now."

"The owner of a single luxury or exotic car might get a little bored with driving the same car," says DFW Elite Car Director David Campbell. "Our members can take out the precise set of wheels they need from our fleet of 55+. Imagine driving a jet black Rolls Royce Phantom, exploring the Metroplex in a Ferrari F430, living large in a CXT monster truck, or savoring a rally red vintage '65 Vette Stingray whenever you feel the itch. Owning a single car isn't nearly as much fun."

"Because the whole point of the club is to have members enjoy the cars," says Mr. Sturgeon, "we have decided to limit the club to 250 members. When we add the next car to the club fleet, we will reopen for five additional members. Some other car clubs have up to 20 members per car, but we will stay at five."

Mr. Sturgeon is not the only one who thinks the time is right for elite auto time-sharing. "The time is right for people to rethink how they're enjoying the latest cars," says Ron Van Horssen, CEO of the Van Horssen Group, a membership club in Phoenix. "Cars are depreciating assets so theirs no reason to own them fractionally or otherwise. But there are a lot of reasons to enjoy them and compare them."

The concept has attracted attention in both the automotive and business press with recent articles on the benefits of car clubs appearing in Business Week, Forbes, and the Chicago Tribune.

Several entrepreneurs have launched ventures in major U.S. cities based upon the concept. For more on those and car clubs visit "Although the industry is still in its infancy," says the Fort Worth businessman, "it's a matter of Texas pride that we maintain our lead over other clubs as far as the number of elite cars we have and the quality of membership experience."

Not only will the Texas car club be the largest in the U.S., but club facilities also house a toy museum (, that is home to many one-of-a-kind automotive toys. "In our 3000+ piece collection, autophiles, modelers, and automotive history buffs will find many must see items," says Museum Curator and long-time Sturgeon friend, Rodney Ross. Admission is free and operating hours are available at

DFW Elite Car is headquartered at 5940 Eden in Fort Worth, and serves members throughout the DFW Metroplex with more than 50 exotic and luxury cars, trucks and SUV's. For more information or to see a complete inventory of club vehicles, visit or call 817-331-0788.

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