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Narrowing the Nose and Nostrils with Rhinoplasty

If you feel your nose and your nostrils are too wide, rhinoplasty may be the right procedure for you.

    BEVERLY HILLS, CA, February 02, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- If you feel your nose and your nostrils are too wide, rhinoplasty may be the right procedure for you. The goal is to achieve a natural result that is in proportion with the rest of your face, one that is subtle and looks like it belongs there, even more than the natural nose you were born with. This is the art of rhinoplasty.

Depending on the portion of your nose that you wish to narrow, different types of rhinoplasty may be needed.

Wide Top of the Nose

If the top of your nose is too wide, then you may have to have the bones of the nose broken. The bones give shape and proportion to the top portion of the nose, and without breaking them you cannot narrow the top portion of the nose. However, when performed incorrectly, this procedure can lead to damage of nearby facial structures and even when performed correctly may lead to significantly more bruising than a rhinoplasty performed without breaking the bone.

Osteotomies are technically difficult as the procedure is traditionally performed by feel rather than visually. Even in an open rhinoplasty, the upper portion of the nose can be hard to see. This is another reason why you should select a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon who has experience in performing the specific procedure you need.

Wide Tip of the Nose

Alar base reduction is a form of rhinoplasty that is designed to improve the shape of your nose by narrowing it at the lower part. To accomplish this, tissue is removed from the nostrils in two or three places, depending on the overall cosmetic goal. If you simply want to have your nose narrowed, then tissue will be removed from the nostrils behind the point where they curve back toward the center of the nose. If you are also having the forward projection of your nose, tissue may be removed from the columella, the central portion of the nose, as well.

Your Surgeon Is Key

Once you have determined you are a good nose job candidate, selecting a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon should be your top priority. Rhinoplasty is one of the more difficult plastic surgery procedures to perform well. Not only is the surgeon working in a small area, potentially by touch rather than sight, but the final results of the surgery will not be visible for months or even a year after the surgery. Your surgeon needs the training and experience to predict the changes that healing will effect on your nose over the course of that long healing period.

Therefore, if you are considering rhinoplasty, it is strongly recommended that you evaluate several surgeons before deciding which one is the right one for you. To learn more about Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim and his experience and technique in rhinoplasty, please visit the website of E. Kim Plastic Surgery today at

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