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The Secret of the Secret is that it is not new. It's been modernized and put into a Hollywood-type book & video. Napoleon Hill, Wallace Waddles, James Allen, Al J Scaglione, the Hicks, Shakti Gulwain (Oprah endorsed her book years ago)have been sharing the "Secret" for close to 100 Years.

Oprah recently had a show dedicated to the "Secret" and millions watched Oprah and her panel of "Secret" professionals talk about the "Law of Attraction".But the fact is unless one embraces the hard work attached to its principals, the "Law of Attraction" doesn't work.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - April 04, 2007 - It is virtually impossible to suddenly wake up one day and say "Today, I will start being positive". Feelings that have been buried in the subconscious for years suddenly help to erase the positive feelings that want to emerge. One must take steps to discard negative emotions and build new positive ones, while living life in a manner that is attracting your wishes, goals and dreams.

Author Al J Scaglione has been working with a revolutionary meditative exercise "The Self-Discovery Meditation" for over twelve years. It is the first complete meditative exercise that embraces all the principals of "the Law of Attraction". The book "Why Men Die Before Women and How to Prevent it" co-authored by Al J Scaglione and Philip Shore MD, PhD. explains in detail how to rid yourself of your negativity, reduce stress, learn to live a more productive life and accomplish your goals. The exercises in the book are medically validated by Dr. Shore.

"Why Men Die Before Women and How to Prevent it' gives simple step by step exercises to accomplish one's goals. The approach has been utilized by Mr. Scaglione for years working with actors and getting them through fear and negativity to a relaxed state whereby the actor could relax and emotionalize his true feelings. Dr. Shore, a medical doctor and research cardiologist examines all of Mr. Scaglione's exercises from a medical perspective and explains why they work. The book was written for men because men have a more difficult time displaying their true emotions and in doing so create more stress in their lives preventing them from accomplishing their goals. This leads to illness and disease creating the gap in longevity that exist today. However, women have also embraced the exercises and found them a valuable tool in living a long healthy and productive life. The book is available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Borders, and many online bookstores all over the world.

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