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A better way to upload.

A better file upload solution.

    / - January 19, 2005 - Colombo, Sri Lanka Many web applications such as those used at online photo shops and studios need to handle thousands of file uploads on a daily basis. Unfortunateley web browsers are far better at downloading files than they are at uploading. Now Rad Inks has announced a new version of Rad Upload that closes this gap and leads to a better user experience.

With Rad Upload, visitors to the website can simply drag and drop files into a special area of their browser and the files are automatically transfered to the server. While conventional upload systems can tackle only a handfull of files, Rad Upload on the other hand can transfer thousands of file and folders at once.

Rad Upload is not just a better uploader it's advanced capabilities include the ability to carry out on the fly image scaling. Online print shops and studios often have to scale and resize images after they have been uploaded by the clients. This process consumes substantial amounts of memory on the server, the end result is that web site owners need to make massive investments on infrastruture.

By installing the Rad Upload, images can be scaled while they are still on the client computer. This leads to a significant reduction in not just memory consumption but bandwidth as well. The ability filter out unwanted files types is an added benefit.

Rad Inks (Private) Ltd is an innovative software company located in Sri Lanka. The company first achieved fame in August 2003 with the release of their Secure FTP applet, a product that was featured on the official Java website. The Secure FTP applet was followed up by the first release of the drag and drop file uploader. These and other software by Rad Inks can be downloaded from the company's website at

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