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6 Things You Must Know About Natural Mole Removal

Everyone would love to have beautiful mole free skin without having to undergo costly surgery. Here are 6 things you must know about natural mole removal.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - RENO, NV - May 26, 2007 - Everyone would love to have beautiful mole free skin without having to undergo costly surgery. "If there were a natural way to finally remove all of your bothersome moles and let go of the emotional pain they may have caused you in only 3 short days - wouldn't you want to know more about it -- especially if it didn't involve painful surgery or embarrassing trips to the dermatologist?," asks Aaron Lilly, an internationally recognized natural mole removal expert, and formulator of DermaTend Mole Remover (

Most people more than likely disapprove of surgery as the "only" option for mole removal. With surgery, the average cost per mole is $125. The cost isn't the only downside either. Mole removal surgery never comes with a guarantee and the end result will always promise a scar. But that has all since changed...

According to Mr. Lilly, "There are a variety of natural mole removal formulas out there, but all work on the same principals, but here are the 6 things you must know before you make any decisions."

1. The procedure

The good thing about natural mole removal is that it can be done in the comfort of your own home. The area to be treated should be cleaned. The mole then must be lightly scratched with a needle or pumice stone so that the formula can penetrate. The mole removal cream is then applied to the mole and remains on for the set time for that specific formula. A scab should appear within 24-48 hours which should NOT be removed prematurely. The scab will fall of naturally revealing healthy skin underneath.

2. How Do I Know It's Working?

When the formula is working, a mild to strong stinging sensation will be felt. If this is not felt, the mole should be scratched with a needle slightly deeper. This should not be very painful nor does it require anesthesia or numbing cream.

3. How Long Will It Take To Remove Moles?

Typically, the mole should recede or start to scab within 24 hours. The scab may take 7-10 days or longer to fall off. After the scab has fallen off there may be slightly red tissue which is typical after a scab, this color should disappear with clear skin showing within 30 days.

4. Will It Leave A Scar?

Of all the removal methods, natural mole removal is the one less likely to leave a scar if done correctly. As there is no incision, no scar should occur unless the scab is pulled off prematurely. Take care of the scab and it should heal just as any other scab heals.

5. How Much Does Natural Mole Removal Cost?

Prices vary for the different formulas from $25-$80. Keep in mind that these formulas can be used to remove up to 10 moles. Natural mole removal is by far the cheapest method and the best value for your dollar.

6. What Are The Risks Of Natural Mole Removal?

As in other removal options, infection is a risk. This can be hugely reduced by making sure that proper cleaning and sterilization is used and that the scab is well taken care of. Some formulas such as DermaTend have added natural ingredients to help fight off infection during the healing process. Moles should also be examined prior to removal as this method should not be used on malignant moles. These are topical formulas and should not be ingested.

Natural mole removal continues to prove itself over surgery and laser mole removal. DermaTend mole remover is the stand alone leader among any natural mole removal treatment. Aaron Lilly recommends, "Do your own research to find out what would be your best option, don't rush into anything and make sure you are comfortable and knowledgeable about the choice you are about to make."

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