All Press Releases for May 26, 2007

New Tennis Step-by-Step Videos Teaches Beginners to Play Quickly and Correctly

Tomaz Mencinger, has created step-by-step videos, 'How to Play Tennis' that enable newcomers to the game to be able to become proficient in only 49 steps, while increasing their enjoyment. The videos are also invaluable for experienced players to be able to improve their game.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - SLOVENIA, May 26, 2007 - Learning the correct tennis strokes is essential for beginners to be able to start playing tennis quickly, and to become confident and capable players.

Tomaz Mencinger, the internationally renowned tennis coach and author of 2 tennis strategy and mental ebooks, has broken new ground with the release of his 'How to Play Tennis' videos. He has used his wealth of experience, and built on his proven coaching strategies to create a simple, but highly effective, set of steps for beginners to learn tennis quickly and correctly.

The key to the video's success is that Tomaz uses modern techniques, at the forefront of coaching research. These give a beginner the knowledge and skills to progress their game in logical stages rather than using the repetitive and unsuccessful coaching styles of the past. Tomaz has kept up-to-date with all of the developments in coaching around the world, and pulled them together to create videos that really get results.

As the beginner works through each video clip, he or she can really see major improvements in their game. This is the best measure of the video's effectiveness, and gives the player the encouragement to carry on. Far too many learners give up because they cannot see any improvement in their game, and don't get any enjoyment out of it. Tomaz's methods ensure that learning the game is fun, as well as easy.

The basic strokes are covered, including:
• Forehand groundstroke
• Backhand groundstroke
• Serve
• Return
• Forehand volley
• Backhand volley
• Overhead

However, Tomaz goes further than simply showing beginners how to play each stroke correctly; he also uses the techniques in real game situations. This is a break away from traditional coaching styles that rely on players repeating the stroke over and over again. This false environment does not help the player to incorporate the strokes into a game.

Having the strokes shown in actual game play situations ensures that the beginner can call upon the strokes when needed. Tomaz has produced additional videos that show beginners the techniques and strokes involved in many situations, including the serve and volley, baseline play and net play. It is the total package for anyone wanting to learn tennis.

Scott A. Ford is a member of the United States Tennis Professionals Association (USPTA) and the European Registry of Tennis Professionals (RPT). He is part of the Aret Sports Team, that developped the 'zone' coaching technique. He had this to say about the 'Learn to Play Tennis' Videos:

"Tomaz has put together a wonderful series of video clips that give the beginning player the exact information needed to start playing tennis immediately. What I like about these videos is that Tomaz gets right to the point without bogging the viewer down with too much information, and gives you just what you need to get started in this game."

For more information on the 'How to Play Tennis Video', and the different packages available, visit helps players of all levels to improve their mental, strategy and technical part of the tennis game. For further information, please contact us at (668) 4970-2691

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