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Mike Rayburn on Jim Canterucci's Personal Brilliance - Up Close and Practical Podcast

Jim Canterucci's June guest is guitar virtuoso Mike Rayburn on the Personal Brilliance - Up Close and Practical weekly podcastl.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - WESTERVILLE, OH, June 13, 2007 - Jim Canterucci's June guest is the world's funniest guitar virtuoso, Mike Rayburn. Mike's latest CD is titled Mike Rayburn at Carnegie Hall.

Jim Canterucci's Personal Brilliance - Up Close and Practical weekly podcast features experts and their brilliance. Each weekly episode (approximately 15 minutes) features one of the four Personal Brilliance catalysts - Awareness, Curiosity, Focus, and Initiative.

In addition to some great guitar clips, Some of the Mike Rayburn podcast's highlights:

Episode 1 - Awareness

- The balance of knowing yourself and using the built-in mirrors that surround us
- The benefit of more information
- Why you really need an outside perspective to really know yourself
- Consciously jumping into the solution - the 20/80 rule
- The #1 cause of getting stuck when solving problems
- A metaphor for awareness in our lives
- Using awareness as a way to tie things together via analogy
- Be up to date or risk becoming an un-trusted source
- Who are the best awareness detectors?

Episode 2 - Curiosity

- The most basic human cognitive function
- The two key questions
- How to be free of the fear that stops us from getting all the answers
- A different approach when a curve is thrown at you
- Combinations
- A significant question
- An exercise - what it takes to be the best

Episode 3 - Focus

- How the long view shapes the short view
- How seeing things in a large context sharpens our focus
- A quick approach for goal setting using a focus perspective
- Why too tight of a focus can hurt you
- Stepping back as a tool to be more focused
- Why Mike looks at how he is already branded as a journey not an end
- How knowing who you are will tell you what direction to pursue
- How Mike found his uniqueness
- Why friends are so critical to the process
- How Mike's unique music is based on thinking differently

Episode 4 - Initiative

- The real story about how to get to Carnegie Hall - It's not practice!
- A great example of overcoming a barrier to innovation
- It's ok to take action, not knowing if it will pay-off later
- How purpose is the missing link
- A test to see if your purpose in life is over
- How to draw from your sense of purpose
- Josh - an action hero story
- Why initiative implies risk

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